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2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Nine Provinces (1) Group

The members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group suddenly decided to celebrate the new year at Song Shuhang’s home, located at the White Whale Road, Wenzhou.

Red Packets

Song Shuhang’s status made the situation chaotic. Age wise, as a 19 years-old, he is a junior and thus eligible to receive red packets from the members.[1] However, according to the custom of the Cultivation World, the first to be enlightened is the senior.[2] As the first member to be a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal, Song Shuhang has the highest seniority in the group, thus its him who has to give red packets instead.


As usual, the members immediately forgotten about Scholar Drunk Moon already went to buy the fireworks, and start to discuss about it all over again.

Dharma King Good Fortune suggested that he will copy the sound of fireworks. Since its not singing, Yellow Mountain agreed to the suggestion.


While playing around in the Lotus Core World, Candle complained to Song Shuhang about the warm and snow-less weather.[3]

Although I have ‘snow’ in my Dao Name, but I can’t make it snow ah. You're called Song Shuhang, but can you write books ma?
Annoyed Calming Snow to Song Shuhang[3]

However, since its the normal weather for Wenzhou during Chinese New Year, there was nothing much Shuhang can do. At first, he tried asking Calming Snow to make it snowing.

In exchange for temporary usage for the Heavenly Emperor Throne Two, Northern Great Emperor agreed to make it snow in Wenzhou (and the Lotus Core World). Since he was the one who is concerned about face among the Four Directional Great Emperors, Northern Great Emperor make it snow rather heavily.[3][4]

Dragon and Lions Dance Troupe

After Doudou’s Wedding, the Dragon and Lions Dance Troupe became famous and were highly sought after. The troupe was invited to the celebration by Yellow Mountain.

Cultivation Chat System

Cultivation Chat System with a collaboration with the newly proved the Way as the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way, announced a special event to all users from All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[5]

During the event, the users can redeem special reward from the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way via the Cultivation Chat System.[5]


  1.  Collect a ‘Void Sun Protector’ and a ‘Stellar Doomsday Being’ heads; or two ‘Void Sun Protector’ heads; or two ‘Stellar Doomsday Being’ heads;
  2. Supplies information regarding ‘Void Sun Protector’ or ‘Stellar Doomsday Being’ trail. Rewards will be given based on the information’s quality; and
  3. Capture or kill Sun Worshiping Sect or Star Exterminating Cult members. Rewards will be given based on quantity and quality of the members captured or killed.[6]


There are four gift packages that can be redeemed upon completion of the quests above, which are:[6]

  • black iron gift package;
  • silver gift package;
  • gold gift package; and 
  • supreme gift package


  1. Ten black iron gift packages can be combined into a silver gift package
  2. Ten silver gift packages can be combined into a gold gift package
  3. Ten gold gift packages can be combined into a supreme gift package
  4. There is a chance to get richer rewards by opening ten, hundred and so on consecutive supreme gift packages


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