Abundant Harvest Express Delivery Service is a limited liability company that provide delivery services for cultivators, despite the employees are normal mortals.

Known Customers

Spirit Butterfly Island

As a gift of thanks for his help in finding the Ghost Lantern Temple, Soft Feather sent two set of Body Tempering Liquid’s ingredients to Song Shuhang via this company. The overnight express delivery was personally handled by the company president, Sima Jiang.[1]

Medicine Master

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang used the company’s service to return Abbot Fathom Mystery’s flying sword. While in transit to the company’s headquarters in Jiangnan, the flying sword was robbed by Zhao Bulü, a disciple from the Moon Sabre Sect.[2]

Heavenly River’s Su Clan

Li Tiansu

Mad Sabre Three Waves

Mad Sabre Three Waves requested the courier company’s contact number from Song Shuhang. Three Waves wanted to deliver the Thousand Years Beast Mushroom he gathered in the Beast Realm to the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s members as a souvenir.[3]


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