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A technique created by Daoist Karmic Virtue as a Heavenly Way. In order to reach the Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal with this technique, it is required of the user to abandon their material body to attain a body of Virtuous energy. It is said that the technique was created from the perspective of one standing above all else.

Users of this cultivation technique are capable of entering the Karmic Virtue Network. Song Shuhang is also able to enter the network due to him and Fairy @#%x being considered the same existence.


Fairy @#%x

Eat Melon

Eat Melon was stuck in the Eighth Stage Profound Saint due to cultivating this technique due to not knowing the steps required to ascend to the next stage. He was later able to advance thanks to Northern Great Emperor's help.

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang cultivated this technique to the Ninth Stage in order to use it as a base for his Tyrant Benevolent corpse using the Severing the Three Corpses technique.