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The Ancient Heavenly Court was a powerful organisation established after the decline of Ruism. After the Ruism Holy Man was defeated in the final battle of Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII, the mysterious Heavenly Emperor gathered a group of fellow daoists and began gradually building the Ancient Heavenly Court.[1]

The Ancient Heavenly Court became the Heavenly Emperor’s Way.[2][1] After the construction of the Ancient Heavenly Court was completed, the Heavenly Emperor immediately became the number one practitioner in the world of cultivators after the Ruism Holy Man.[1]

Establishment of the Ancient Heavenly Court

Ancient Heavenly Court was established by the Heavenly Emperor as part of the Eighth Heavenly Way’s elaborate master plan.[3]

The Heavenly Emperor created the whole structural frame of the court by merging countless heavenly material and earthly treasure with ‘True Illusion’. Afterwards, many powerhouses of the Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable Realm and above that had pledged allegiance to the Heavenly Emperor used their True Illusion to help him complete the structural frame of the court.[2]

Once the court was established, it became an independent realm that wasn't influenced by the ‘Heavenly Way’.[2] 

Heavenly Emperor Palace

Four Directional Great Emperors palaces

Jade Lake Heavenly Realm

Known Members

Heavenly Emperors

Heavenly Emperors are the leaders of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Eternal Life Beings

Four Directional Great Emperors

Empress of Nacre Lake Cheng Lin

Gold Dragon Progenitor White Dragon

Tribulation Immortals

Special Locations

Heavenly Emperor World

Heavenly Emperor World was created by the members of the Ancient Heavenly Court and served as the court’s second base.[4]

Primordial Chaos World

The Primordial Chaos World was a part of the plans of the current Heaven, who intended it to be one of his backhands. If everything would have went to his plan, then the Ancient Heavenly Court] would have moved to this position and fused with this artificial world space. Afterwards the Way of the Heavenly Court would have activated its main function and would restore the missing part of the current Heaven.[5]

Destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court

The Heavenly Court was destroyed overnight. There are three theories regarding the destruction.[6]

  1. Theory No. 1: The person who established the Heavenly Court, the Heavenly Emperor, was researching a fearful magical technique. Later, the power of the technique went out of control, and the entire court was blown to smithereens. According to this theory, even the Heavenly Emperor himself was reduced to ashes during the explosion. Although the top-cultivators in the world think that someone as powerful as the Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t die due to a mere explosion, the fact that the Heavenly Emperor hasn’t shown himself since then is still true. Therefore, people started to think that something might have happened to him.
  2. Theory No. 2: According to this theory, the Heavenly Court was encircled and attacked by several powerful influences. Amongst these influences were the Nine Serenities, the Beast Realm, the Ghost Territory, and several others. After being besieged from several sides, the Heavenly Court finally fell and was destroyed.
  3. Theory No. 3: According to this theory, the current Heavenly Way plotted against the Heavenly Court, and the court was blown to smithereens in the span of a night. The previously flourishing and bustling court vanished into thin air in a mere instant.

In truth, for reasons yet unknown, Cheng Lin and Blockhead Song orchestrated the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Song Shuhang speculated that monster hunters related to Ancient Heavenly Court was responsible for Clear Water Pavilion’s destruction. In retaliation, Blockhead Song and Cheng Lin planned its destruction.

During the ensuing battle, many powerful members were killed or badly injured.

Ancient Heavenly Court Fragments


After the Ancient Heavenly Court was destroyed, Ruism collected many of the fragments. As for the big ones, Ruism are still researching them. On the other hand, those that were either too small or incomplete don’t have much research value. For this reason, Ruism decided to secretly move them all over the world, transforming them into small grotto-heaven and blessed lands (洞天福地; dòng tiān fú dì) and allowing the disciples to use them as a residence or practising place.[7][8]

Ruism tried to do the same with their Golden Lotus World but doesn’t have much success. The fragments refused to be assimilated and remain as foreign items to the Golden Lotus World.[9][10] In order to solve this problem, the Ruism’s high council authorised True Monarch Eternal Fire to negotiate with Sage Monarch Tyrant Song for the latter’s help.

With the Way of the Heavenly Court already absorbed by Song Shuhang’s Lotus Core World, the Golden Lotus World no longer rejects the fragments and easily assimilated them.

Ruism also used a batch of the fragments to exchange four Thirteen Tribulation Immortals’ bodies in the possession of the Heavenly Emperor. Both parties requested Sage Monarch Tyrant Song to serve as the middleman of this deal.[11][12]

Tyrant Song

Ruism transferred the ownership of ten Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments to Tyrant Song as a part of thank you gift for his actions during the Battle of White Cloud Academy.[7] True Monarch Eternal Fire served as Ruism representative for the transfer.[13][14][15] A day later, these ten fragments were shifted over to the Lotus Core World with the help of White Two and a black dragon using the «Black Dragon Refining World Technique».[16][1]

As time goes by, Tyrant Song obtained more and more fragments either as spoils of war, gift or even as lost and found items.

The fragments assimilated with the Lotus Core World and became one of the catalyst for its expansion. Lotus Core World has ability to extract the Way of the Heavenly Court from fragments of Heavenly Court.

Wide Courtyard Society

The Wide Courtyard Society collected various Ancient Heavenly Court fragments and made an Ancient Heavenly Court Fragments Secret Realm as their base in the Beast Realm.

In exchange for resurrection opportunity for Wide Courtyard Society’s members, Zither Lord Phoenix Rite has agreed to hand over their Ancient Heavenly Court Fragments to Blockhead Song. Phoenix Rite gave Blockhead Song a jade seal,[17][18]

After the death of all members of the Wide Courtyard Society, the jade seal was left at the Ancient Heavenly Court Fragments Secret Realm and recovered by White who rushed over after being informed by Song Shuhang. Afterwards, all the fragments were transferred into Tyrant Song’s Lotus Core World.[18]


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