As long as the price is right, anything can sell
Anything Can Sell

[Anything Can Sell] is an enigmatic salesman. Only those with ‘Karma’ can contact him.

Heavenly Way’s Legacy

[Anything Can Sell]’s bed sheet is a legacy of the Sixth Heavenly Way. He also can connect to the Karmic Virtue Network, another legacy of the Sixth.

Peace Broker

[Anything Can Sell] served as the middle-man negotiating the truce between Sea King and Tyrant Song.

Notable Customers

Shadow Thane

Shadow Thane is a super client of [Anything Can Sell]. Thousands of years ago, the thane tasked [Anything Can Sell] to obtain for him a Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast.

Song Shuhang

[Anything Can Sell] has a complicated business relationship with Song Shuhang.

Every time he had a transaction with Shuhang, [Anything Can Sell] will suffer losses in one way or another. He even blacklisted Shuhang due to the latter’s association with a ruler of the Nine Serenities. At the same time, there are highly sought items from his other clients that only be procured from Shuhang, much to [Anything Can Sell] consternation.

However, since Song Shuhang is constantly at the same place with White, a seven stars VIP customer, the blacklist basically ineffective and meaningless. White can make a purchase on behalf Shuhang, and [Anything Can Sell] have to comply with the purchase despite knowing Shuhang was the actual purchaser.


No one ever manage to cheat my spirit stones!
White to Song Shuhang

White was [Anything Can Sell]’s seven stars super VIP customer. He was given a special gold card denoting his status as such. 

Although White never haggle whenever he bought something from [Anything Can Sell], the former never had a bad bargain. White will just pay the price [Anything Can Sell] asked, and he will receive more than what he bargained for.

White also will made purchases on behalf Song Shuhang, thus making [Anything Can Sell]’s blacklist basically null and voided.

White Two

White Two sometimes used [Anything Can Sell] to ‘anonymously’ give rewards or help Song Shuhang.[1]


[Anything Can Sell] uses 俺 (ǎn; I (northern dialects)) to refer to himself.

Links and References

  1. Although it supposedly to be anonymously, normally Song Shuhang will notice it immediately
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