Life a hundred conditions, a face a life, a life and enjoyment. 20 different facial features, present as a gift for fated person
Heavenly Lord Silver Trigram

The Appearance Changing Mask was created by Heavenly Lord Silver Trigram. The masks were hidden in a mountain peak somewhere on the Beast Realm.[1]


Seeing has the share

At first, White immediately gave a mask each to Song Shuhang, Sixteen, Black Skinned Soft Feather, Scallion Lady and Senior Turtle. White also will give the remaining masks to Copper Trigram upon returning to Earth.[1] Afterwards, upon knowing his flying sword fortress have hit Mad Sabre Three Waves, White sent four masks to Three Waves as a compensation of the latter’s hardship.[2]

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang used the mask to pretend to Demon Emperor Hezhi during his fourth Eighth Stage’s sermon. By using the mask, he became the first ever cultivator to successfully cheat the iron-clad rule of showing the true face during the manifestation in the history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

Mad Sabre Three Waves

Mad Sabre Three Waves used the mask to assume the appearance of Spirit Venerable Blue Wave, a member of the Wide Courtyard Society.


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