Ba Qianjun was the leader of the Moon Sabre Sect. Several years ago, Ba Qianjun failed to transcend the Fourth Promotes Fifth Heavenly Tribulation and his body was invaded by the Fire of Heavenly Tribulation. In order to survive, he spent most of his time sitting on an ice throne.[1]


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Ba Qianjun was the previous owner of Broken Tyrant before Song Shuhang.


During the battle at the Blue Plain Valley, Ba Qianjun tried to ambush the seemingly defenseless Song Shuhang and Sixteen. Ba Qianjun attacks were blocked by Seven’s Heavenly Astral Spirit Phoenix Token, activated beforehand to protect Song Shuhang and Sixteen.

Song Shuhang, acting on the advice of Medicine Master, activated the Three Stars Imperial Fire Fan, thus aggravating the Fire of Heavenly Tribulation in Ba Qianjun’s body and resulting with his death.[2]


Ba Qianjun was the first character with ‘Qianjun’ in his name in the novel. Other characters that shared this name were:

  1. Cave Lord Long Qianjun; and
  2. Loose practitioner Long Qianjun

All three were killed in the novel.

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