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The Battle for Heavenly Astral was a battle for the possession of a high grade Heavenly Astral from the Throne of Wealth Dispersal.



A huge number of Celestials was reported to be congregating near West Orchid Island. It was estimated there were more than a thousand of them present, with Fourth Stage as the majority. Moreover, there was at least a Profound Saint among them.[1]

The Celestials tried to monopolized the Heavenly Astral by making a perimeter around it, effectively blocking others from approaching it.[1]

However, their actions are against the rules of the Throne of Wealth Dispersal, causing ominous beasts were released and attacking them. Each time the beasts were repelled, the beasts will be doubled and keep on attacking until the Celestials retreated to a certain distance and the blockade was relieved.[1]

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Although we are parallel imports, we must enter the field with imposing manners!
Song Shuhang to Soft Feather[2]

The Nine Provinces (1) Group members were about to have a gathering in West Orchid Island after successfully transcended the 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation a few days before.

Saint Monarch Seventh Path summoned all available members into participating the battle.[3]

White Wall Three Lives Sabre

White Wall Three Lives Sabre joined the battle to avenge their fallen disciples who were ambushed by the Celestials during their weakest moments. They also recruited the help from Golden Ruins Sect and Ruism in this battle.[2]

Bewitching Dream

Saint Monarch Bewitching Dream joined the battle solely to kill the Celestials. At first she was neutral between the fight between the Nine Provinces (1) Group and Saint Monarch Kerria. Afterwards, she aligned herself with the White Wall Three Lives Sabre.[2]


Winter Melon


Other than Profound Saints, others dare not to participate in the battle and just become onlookers.


During the commotion, White Wall Three Lives Sabre’s faction totally disregards the Heavenly Astral and focusing solely into killing Celestials.


The Celestials obtained ⅓ of the Heavenly Astral while the Nine Provinces (1) Group managed to regain ⅔.[4]

Rumours that Tyrant Song actually a Tribulation Immortal also started to circulate as he managed to snatch back a major portion of the Heavenly Astral from the Ninth Stage Celestial.[5][6]

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