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Battle of Forbidden Purple Peak (紫禁之巅之战; zǐ jìn zhī diān zhī zhàn) was a conflict between two members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group. It took place on 01st September 2019 at the Forbidden City.

This event was covered by «Cultivator’s Daily Newspaper», «Heavenly Secret Information Centre», «Shengang’s Cultivator Radio Station» among others.[1]


On 1st June 2019, Copper Trigram has challenged North River for a duel after one of their regular quarrels. Both Copper Trigram and North River wanted to use the battle to obtain the inspiration for breakthrough from Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign to Sixth Stage True Monarch.[2]

True Monarch Yellow Mountain agreed to be the referee for the duel, if he can make it on that time.


Protective barriers were set up in the Forbidden City and its surrounding area early on, provided by Venerable Seventh Path. Unless the destructive strength of the combatants exceeded Seventh Stage, the buildings will not be damaged.[3]

Heavenly River’s Su Clan Seven became the banker.

North River 1:2

Copper Trigram 1:10

White was excluded from the betting.


Round 1: Battle of Spirit Sovereigns

Round 2: Battle of True Monarchs



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