Autumn equinox, suitable for burial, avoid marriage

Battle of Revenge was a conflict between the Thirty Three Beasts God Sect and the Church of Doomsday on 23rd to 24th September 2019.

Land Battle

The Church of Doomsday sent agents to disrupt the wedding of Doudou and the Thirty Three Beasts God Sect’s heir.

First Skirmish

A team of assassins attacked the wedding procession and tried to kidnap Doudou. A battle ensued between the assassins and defenders.

Saint Monarch Tyrant Song single handedly defeated the Eye of Flame from within the Kingdom of Gods and obtained another Ancient Heavenly Court fragment.

Second Skirmish

Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and Saint Monarch White collaborated to quickly defeated the Church of Doomsday’s sheep horned devil Profound Saint.

Space Battle

Although both parties strength were almost equal, the Church of Doomsday became desperate when they realised the Yellow Mountain Sacrifice was underway and started going all out to prevent its completion.[1]

Out of sudden, Saint Monarch Tyrant Song entered the battlefield and disrupted the balance between the two forces.

The Church of Doomsday assigned ten Eighth Stage Profound Saints to cope with Saint Monarch Tyrant Song while the Thirty Three Beasts God Sect also detached an Eighth Stage Profound Saint to serve as a liaison between Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and their main forces.[1][2]

Tyrant Song used «Pregnancy Gaze» on three enemy Profound Saints, causing his hazard rating increased.[2] Consequently, the number of Profound Saints diverted to cope with him increased to twenty.

Skylark randomly entered the battlefield and borrowed the Eye of the Holy Man from Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and unleashed AOE «Pregnancy Gaze» towards the forces of the Church of Doomsday, thus incapacitated them for an hour.[3]

Interlude: Convergence of Big Shots

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Space Battle: Continuation

The forces of Thirty Three Beasts God Sect quickly took this chance to rout the opponents easily.


Saint Monarch Tyrant Song was considered as the biggest contributor to the battle and was apportioned the biggest share of the loots by the Thirty Three Beasts God Sect.


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