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Battle of White Cloud Academy was a battle between Ruism and Demons of the Nine Serenities that took place in August 2019.


The enmity between Ruism and Nine Serenities started since thousands of years ago, during the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII’s final battle.

White Cloud Academy —or rather Ruism— has been guarding against a possible surprise attack from the Nine Serenities World for the past several hundred years. After all, the Nine Serenities World has given Ruism a lot of ‘special care’ since a long time ago. Whenever Ruism shows any sign of recovery, the Demons of the Nine Serenities will promptly make their appearance to attack Ruism.[1]

White Cloud Academy’s Preparation

Grand Meeting

Every three years, White Cloud Academy will host a grand meeting. The true purpose of this grand meeting is to prepare for the oncoming attack from the Demons of the Nine Serenities.[1]

Flying Swords Ban

During these times, the number of flying swords in White Cloud City was limited. More than three quarters of Ruism disciples flying in the sky were actually on patrol, while one third of ‘fellow daoists’ from other sects were battle-puppets from Mohism.[1]

Day of the Week Character Meaning Known License Plate License Plate Holder
Monday Rule 治998 North River


Tuesday Country
Wednesday Govern
Thursday Family
Friday Peace[3] 平2333[4] Lychee


Saturday Heaven[6][7] 天888[8] White


Sunday Under[9][10]

Golden Lotus Seed

The Exchange Rate for Corpse of Demons with Golden Lotus Seed[11]
Normal Cultivators Nine Provinces (1) Group


First to Third Stages NIL NIL The corpses can be exchanged with spirit stones
Fourth Stage 400 corpses 300 corpses
Fifth Stage 30 corpses 20 corpses
Sixth Stage 1 corpse 1 corpse

Attack on White Cloud Academy

Ten demon broods, each led by an Eighth Stage demon stealthily infiltrated White Cloud Academy’s line of defence. This critical information was revealed to Song Shuhang by White Two at the price of a vial of Dragon Demon Medicine.[13]

True Monarch Yellow Mountain immediately contacted True Monarch Eternal Fire and told him to prepare for the battle… actually, Ruism disciples were constantly on alert, and were ready to throw themselves in the battle at the slightest sign of trouble. However, the Ruism disciples had prepared themselves for an attack coming from outside of the defensive barrier of the White Cloud Academy. If the Demons of the Nine Serenities had already gotten past the defences of the White Cloud Academy and were to attack them from the inside, the scholars would be caught off-guard.[14]

At the same time Venerable White made a probing attack with eighty disposable flying swords. These flying swords were randomly launched to the sky in ten batches of eights. One of these disposable flying swords managed to hit one of the ten demon hives that has sneaked into the White Cloud Academy.[14]

Nine Provinces (1) Group used this battle to shoot battle scenes for the «Dharma-Ending Battle». Lychee became White’s personal VJ throughout the battle, since its too dangerous for the Jacob Production Crew to participate in the filming.

Arrival of a Tribulation Immortal

At the late stage of the battle, an individual that looks like one of the Ruism’s Thirteen Tribulation Immortals showed up and instantly killed all Eighth Stage demons, thus routing the forces of the Nine Serenities.[15]

After the death of the ten demon broods of the Eighth Stage, the Nine Serenities World lost the ability to call for reinforcements while fighting against the White Cloud Academy.

The morale within the camp of the White Cloud Academy increased sharply.

At this time in the filtering nets, some of the demons of the Seventh Stage rank felt that the situation was turning for the worst. As such, they carried their elite subordinates along and tried to open up a bloody path to pass through the filtering nets of the Ruism and retreat.

Now that the demons of the Seventh Stage had decided to retreat, the situation of the other demons in the filtering nets wasn’t any better. Suddenly, the army of the Nine Serenities was forced to retreat in defeat again and again, continuously losing its members as it was fleeing.

Ending of Battle

One hour after the demon broods of the Eighth Stage had been killed, the remaining Demons of the Nine Serenities inside the enormous filtering nets were unable to run away, and got surrounded by Ruism disciples.

Knowing that they could no longer escape, the demons went berserk. Even if they had been weakened by the filtering nets, the demons attacked like crazy after going berserk, making up for the combat strength they had lost due to the nets. [16]

The casualties on the side of the White Cloud Academy increased all of a sudden. Mohism’s battle puppets were also getting destroyed one after another. The sound of the self-destructing puppets echoed continually.[16]

Attack on Lotus Pond

The Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler planned to use the connection between Golden Lotus World and Evil Lotus World to sneak through the mortal world. Unbeknownst to the Ruism, the Eighth Stage demons were sacrificial offering prepared by the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler to help mature Golden Lotus ahead of time.

By using a dance taught by Song Shuhang,[17] which in turns taught to him by the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler, True Monarch Eternal Fire gained the jurisdiction of the Golden Lotus World moments before the attack from the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler came.[18]

The Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler unleashed «Storm Magecraft» and the energy from Nine Serenities instantly overwhelmed the Golden Lotus World and almost everyone was killed.

The Golden Lotus countered by using «Time Rewind», rewinding back the time in the Golden Lotus World just before the attack came.

The same attack and counter-attack was repeated multiple times until Ruism disciples in the Golden Lotus World lost count how many times it happened.

With the help of the Third Heavenly Way, Song Shuhang managed to sever the connection between Golden Lotus World and Evil Lotus World.



A previously unknown Third Stage cultivator called Tyrant Song was considered by Ruism’s upper echelons as the biggest contributor in the battle.[19] He was rewarded with one authentic sutra, one immortal residence and ten Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments. Ruism also publicly announced his achievement to the masses.[20][21]

Nine Serenities

Eighth Ruler blamed the plan’s failure to the Seventh Ruler and both of them fought for a certain amount of time. An area with a radius of ten million miles became a forbidden zone that no demons dared to enter.[22]


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