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Battle of the Dream Realm was a battle between the top members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group against a powerful and ruthless Eternal Life Being. The battle took place on January 2020 at the Dream Realm.


While he was at the Nine Serenities, Song Shuhang obtained the information of a sinister and powerful being lurking in the Dream Realm.[1]

At the suggestion of White, Song Shuhang opened a space channel between the Nine Serenities World and the Dream Realm to transfer the Tomb of Tyrant Song’s upper 100 floors to the Dream Realm.[2]

Seventh Path and Sixth Path were transferred over to Song Shuhang’s position in the Nine Serenities World, due to their strength were considered too low for the upcoming battle.[2]

Order of Battle


Skylark and White served as the vanguard. White was the main attacker while Skylark was responsible of protecting him.


Song Shuhang and White Bone were the rear-guards. Song Shuhang served as the control tower with White Bone as his protector.[3]

Song Shuhang also responsible of ensuring the space channel between Dream Realm and Nine Serenities World kept open during the battle.[3]


Nine Shadow Dragons

There were nine shadow dragons bounded by chains appeared in the sky. Each shadow dragons has the power to destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth.[3]

«Salvation Art»

After releasing them from their chains, Song Shuhang obtained the nine dragons’ memories.[3]

Illusory Rising Sun



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