The Biohazard Crisis or also known as the Nine Serenities’ Evil Energy Infection Crisis was a conflict between the Nine Serenities and the Beast Realm started in October 2019.

The Demons of the Nine Serenities spread lots of items through out the Beast Realm to be picked by the residents of the Beast Realm. Once picked, the items will temp their owner with promises of strength, power and fortune.[1]

The demons also used ordinary items such as medicinal pills to infect the residents with Nine Serenities energy.

Despite cautionary actions taken by the residents of the Beast Realm, the numbers of degenerates continue to continue day by day.

Divine Physician

During his short stay at the Black Horse Branch, Saint Monarch Tyrant Song helped by removing the evil energy from the patients. However, his actions soon caught the attention of the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler itself, forcing him to leave the Beast Realm immediately.[2]

Without Saint Monarch Tyrant Song’s help, Beast Realm was at lost and has no way to rescue those infected.

The Search for the Divine Physician

Saint Monarch Blue Luan was sent to Earth by the protectors of the Beast Realm to contact Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and request for help.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Kautilya, Arthasastra

The Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler researched the method to combat the Nine Serenities’ Evil Energy Infection in order to undermine the efforts of the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler. The complete treatment plan and medicine formula to alleviate the evil energy infection was given to Saint Monarch Blue Luan on behalf the Beast Realm with Saint Monarch Tyrant Song acting as the front man. Due to this, it was thought Saint Monarch Tyrant Song had asked the help from an Eternal Life Being.

In return for the treatment plan and medicine formula, Beast Realm prepared lots of valuable but common to Saint Monarch Tyrant Song as initial payment. Beast Realm also will sent more vulgar and common things to him.[3]

Return of the Divine Physician


  1. The chinese character 生化危机 (shēnghuàwéijī) refers to Biohazard, Japanese name for Resident Evil.
  2. This crisis was translated as ‘biochemical crisis’ in the HTL.

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