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Black Dragon World was a universe build and thrived on the back of a gigantic Immemorial Black Dragon. This world isn’t part of the All Heavens and Myriad Realms, so it wasn’t under the jurisdiction of a Heavenly Way.

Minor Realms

Each scale on the Immemorial Black Dragon has evolved into a world the size of a ‘city’. There were mountains, water, grass, trees, and strange-smelling air.[1]

Each scale’s minor world was equal to a realm in the All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[2]

Ancient Serenities

Ancient Serenities is the Black Dragon World’s Nine Serenities counterpart.


Originally, there was no sun in the Black Dragon World, only a green light illuminating the world formed from the dragon scales.[1]

Throne of the Rising Sun

Throne of the Rising Sun

Eye Looking Planet

Eye Looking Planet

Notable Individuals

Lady Kunna

When Song Shuhang arrived at the Black Dragon World, he first met with Lady Kunna, not knowing that she is an authority in the Black Dragon World as the most knowledgeable in terms of magic techniques. Even though she's a level 6 mage, she knows the principles of 8th level magic techniques. This is due to her being a fragment and a host of the Black Dragon World's ruler and will. She was helped by Shuhang and bi bi bi to defend against the Primal Chaos Will invading the Black Dragon World.

Scarlet Pupil

Wanting to resolve his karma with Black Pupil XIII, Song Shuhang tried to find his home. In doing so, he found this young boy who's adamant in training himself to be like his older brother even though his talents in the way of a mage isn't as good even though he is a hybrid. Song Shuhang takes him as a disciple and taught him the Steel Hands Technique and promised to visit him again in the future to teach him more.

Eleven Saints

When Song Shuhang traveled to the Black Dragon World, there were eleven Lv. 8 Saints in existence.[3]


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