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Black dragon puppet was a puppet belonging to She Lan. It was given to him by the purple-robed cultivator but She Lan didn’t have any memory how he obtained the puppet.[1]


It was created with the techniques of Mohism as the foundation and combined with some modern mechanical parts.[1]

It use Blood Sea Jade as its power source. With the jade, the black dragon puppet can fly at supersonic speed.[1]


In just 0.1 miliseconds, the outer layer of the black dragon was disassembled, revealing the innards of the puppet. Soon after, White extracted the Blood Sea Jade from it.[1]

As soon as it lost its source of power, the puppet crashed from the sky and fell by White’s feet. Without further ado, he squatted beside the black dragon puppet and started to disassemble it. In the blink of an eye, the black dragon puppet was disassembled into a pile of mechanical parts, and the metallic skeleton of the dragon was revealed.[1]

Afterwards, Venerable White reassemble the puppet back. However, She Lan noticed noticed that several parts were assembled back the wrong way.[1]

Sudenly, due to the faulty reassembly, the black dragon puppet suddenly exploded when White was disassembling She Lan nearby while Spirit Butterfly, Liu Jianyi, Soft Feather and Song Shuhang were watching nearby. Its explosion also caused She Lan to explode.[2]


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