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The «Blood Escape Great Technique» is an escape technique practiced by the disciples of the Unbounded Demon Sect.[2]


The «Blood Escape Great Technique» is a rather tricky and wondrous technique. Just as the technique was used, the user would turn into a mass of bloody mist and scatter in all directions, fleeing from their original position. Finally, the blood mist would converge in one place, and the user would assume their original shape once more.[3]

Even if part of the blood mist was destroyed, the user would at most receive some wounds that would recover in a few days.[3]

If one was lucky, even part of the valuable items they were carrying with them would be engulfed in the blood mist and carried away.[3]

Once the «Blood Escape Great Technique» was practiced to perfection, the user would be able to survive and return to its previous state as long as a little wisp of blood mist managed to get away. The received injuries would recover in a few years, and the user would restore their strength without problems. It was precisely for this reason that the «Blood Escape Great Technique» was known as a technique that could allow one to get away even from a Sixth Stage True Monarch.[1][3]


The members of the Heavenly River’s Su Clan are very familiar with this technique and have developed some counter for it.[3]


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