Blue Luan (青鸾; qīng luán) was an established Profound Sage from the Beast Realm. She was depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a court dress.

Immortal Food Feast

Blue Luan rode a colourful phoenix to the Feast. She was then welcomed by an elder from the Southern Longevity Sword Sect.

She was tasked by the protectors of Beast Realm to contact Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and seek his help to combat the Biohazard Crisis in the Beast Realm.

Tour of Beast Realm

As part of the agreed payment, Blue Luan obtained a quota for Song Shuhang to enter the Jar Holy Mountain Trial, in order to obtain the final legacy of Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art.

Blue Luan prepared a spacious residence for Song Shuhang & co. when they came over to the Beast Realm. The residence served as a treatment centre for those infected with the Nine Serenities energy.


Luan (鸾; luán) or Luan Bird (鸾鸟; luán niǎo) is a mythical bird related to the Fenghuang (Phoenix). For this reason, it’s also called a Phoenix at times. The Luan’s plumage is blue, as opposed to the red or multi-colored plumage of the Fenghuang.

Luans are sometimes said to serve as the mounts or messengers of the gods. For example, the Qingniao (青鸟 lit. blue bird) belonging to the Queen Mother of the West are supposedly Luan Bird.


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