Book Immortal was the Book Realm’s hierarch but he wasn’t the Realm Lord.[1]

«Tyrant Song Biography»

Book Immortal has the interest of recording major events in All Heavens and Myriad Realms. However, recently, 8 or 9 out of 10 events he recorded have something to do with Tyrant Song.[1]

Tyrant Song’s Invitation

When he was discussing with his friend Without Hard Metal regarding recent events involving Tyrant Song, suddenly there was a knocking sound outside the Book Realm. The one knocking was Tyrant Song’s doppelgänger, Tyrant Ball.[2]

Book Realm’s Eternal Life Being suggested to Without Hard Metal that they fight Tyrant Ball 2 vs 1. However, his suggestion was rejected outright by Without Hard Metal.[3]

Meeting Tyrant Song

Upon meeting for the first time in the Time Secret Realm, Book Immortal informed Tyrant Song of his intention to write «Tyrant Song Biography». Book Immortal also requested permission for an interview for more writing materials.[4]


Without Hard Metal

Without Hard Metal was Book Immortal’s friend. Without Hard Metal helped Book Immortal in gathering the materials for the «Tyrant Song Biography».

Without Hard Metal also went to the Time Secret Realm together with Book Immortal.[4]

Stone Sovereign

Stone Sovereign was an Eternal Life Being from the Stone Realm. Book Immortal has a grudge with and this the former provided Stone Sovereign’s coordinate to Tyrant Ball.[3]

Daoist Dyed Ink

Just like with Stone Sovereign, Book Immortal has a grudge with Daoist Dyed Ink. Book Immortal provided Dyed Ink’s coordinate to Tyrant Ball.[3]


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