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Broken Tyrant was the hereditary weapon of the Moon Sabre Sect. It was handed down from a generation to the next until the last sect master, Ba Qianjun.[1]

Upon the death of Ba Qianjun, Song Shuhang claimed Broken Tyrant as his spoils of war.[1]


The sabre length is three feet and three inches. It was forged from heavy metal from a thunder pond, with extreme Yang attribute and extremely hard.[1]



Broken Tyrant once absorbed Fire of Heavenly Tribulation and Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre’s Flame of Nine Paths Phoenix.[1][2] After absorbing the Flame of Nine Paths Phoenix, Broken Tyrant obtained flaming red veined marks on its originally blackened blade.[2]


Eighth Stage Tribulation

Despite just a Fourth Stage weapon, Broken Tyrant has been used against Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation without suffering any damage at all. This is noteworthy due to even Seventh Stage items can be easily destroyed in the Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation.


Broken Tyrant is the first ‘Tyrant’ that Song Shuhang obtained.

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