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East Calming Snow was a member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.



Calming Snow was originally a virtuous young woman, the type that liked to the rest her chin in her hand and gaze at the scenery outside the window. However, her personality had drastically changed after she joined the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[1]

Song of Big Idiot Yellow Mountain

«Dharma-Ending Battle»

Calming Snow didn’t participated in the filming of the «Dharma-Ending Battle». However, she recommended «Song of Big Idiot Yellow Mountain» as the movie’s soundtrack on North River’s wall post, thus angering True Monarch Yellow Mountain.[1]

Calming Snow was hunted by Yellow Mountain for two days and two nights before she finally was captured. She had to completely delete ‘that song’ in her possession, regardless of mobile phones, computers, hard disks, USB drives, MP3s, MP4s, cloud services, or any other other sharing services.[2]

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

East Calming Snow participated in the 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation,


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