Afraid to find your phone ran out of battery while away from home? Afraid that your electronic equipment would stop working while braving dangers outside? The one and only battery charging art will relieve you from your worries! Fellow daoists, how about giving it a try?
Mad Sabre Three Waves[1]

The «Charging Art» was a minor magecraft developed by Mad Sabre Three Waves. The manual the «Charging Art» was available for downloading in the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s group space.[1]

Despite the «Charging Art» was a minor magecraft, Mad Sabre Three Waves used many cultivation-related theories to describe it. And even when describing its usage, he had used many technical terms.[1]

Simplified Version

Song Shuhang was unable to understand anything of the original version. He then requested White to teach him the magecraft.[1]


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