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Beauties lie[2]
Cheng Lin to Song Shuhang

Ancient Heavenly Court’s ‘Empress of the Nacre Lake’ Cheng Lin was an extremely powerful Eternal Life Being, sharing the honour with Four Directional Great Emperors and Dragon Primogenitor.[3]


In the Taoism myth, Cheng Lin is the Queen Mother of the West (西王母; Xīwángmǔ).

Queen Mother of the West is a calque of Xiwangmu in Chinese sources, Seiōbo in Japan, Seowangmo in Korea, and Tây Vương Mẫu in Vietnam. She has numerous titles, one of the most popular being the Golden Mother of the Nacre Lake (also translated as “Mother-of-Pearl Lake” or “Nacre Lake”). She is also known in contemporary sources as the Lady Queen Mother. In the Maternist current of Chinese salvationist religions she is the main deity and is called upon as the Eternal Venerable Mother.

Tang writers called her “Golden Mother the First Ruler”, the “Golden Mother of Tortoise Mountain”, “She of the Nine Numina and the Grand Marvel”, and the “Perfected Marvel of the Western Florescence and Ultimate Worthy of the Cavernous Darkness”. Commoners and poets of the era referred to her more simply as the “Queen Mother”, the “Divine Mother”, or simply “Nanny” (Amah).

Name & Aliases

Cheng Lin

‘Cheng Lin’ was the only normal name among the rest of ‘Cheng’

Dog Egg Order

Surnamed Song, what did you do?
Angry Dog Egg Order to the another Dog Egg Order[1]

After Song Shuhang listened to the Four Great Dragon Kings’ names, he criticised Kui Two’s naming sense.[1]

In retaliation, Kui Two changed Cheng Lin’s Dao Name, which also Shuhang’s Dao Name, into Dog Egg Order (程狗蛋; Chéng Gǒu Dàn).[1]

Grain Memorial

Grain Memorial was a pseudonym used by Cheng Lin in the Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group.

‘禾呈’ (hé chéng) was created by the splitting the radicals in ‘程’ (chéng).


Cheng Lin was a beautiful fairy wearing a loose Daoist robe sitting on top of a lotus flower with a tilted Daoist priest cap on top of her head. On the top of her head, there was a full moon wheel halo, which contained the brilliance of her Way of Eternal Life.

First Generation

Second Generation

Ancient Heavenly Court

After the failure of Plan A, Chang Lin took over and lead the Plan B. She also took in Blockhead Song whose Way was broken and collapsed due to the failure of Plan A.[3]

She was considered as the main culprit who caused the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court.


Nacre Lake Heavenly Realm (瑶池天界; Yáo Chí Tiān Jiè) also known as the Nacre Lake Secret Realm (瑶池秘境; Yáo Chí Mì Jìng) was Cheng Lin’s personal domain. This Nacre lake was the source of Cheng Lin’s nickname, 'Golden Mother of the Nacre Lake (also translated as “Mother-of-Pearl Lake” or “Nacre Lake”)

The Nacre Lake Heavenly Realm was finally obtained by Song Shuhang and transferred into his Lotus Core World.

Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance

Cheng Lin was a founding member of the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance.

Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group

Cheng Lin was the admin of the Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group.


Fairy Waiting for A Promise (@#%×)

Cheng Lin in love with Fairy @#%× . Fairy @#%× waited in a Heavenly Court fragment for thousands of year waiting for Cheng Lin to fulfill her promise and give her a kiss. Throughout Shuhang's journey, Shuhang witness many of Cheng Lin's shameless teasing and flirting to Fairy @#%×.

Song Shuhang

From now on, you are Cheng Lin.

Song Shuhang is Cheng Lin’s successor to the Nacre Lake Heavenly Realm.[4]

Song Shuhang was referred as Cheng Lin’s son-in-law by Northern Great Emperor

Surnamed Song!!!
Cheng Lin to the another Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang also the one and only person who can annoy Cheng Lin. Usually it was Cheng Lin who annoys others.

Blockhead Song

Blockhead Song is Cheng Lin’s partner-in-crime in the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court. After the Blockhead Song’s failure to destroy the Way of the Heavenly Court from within, Cheng Lin took him in.[5]

Ye Si

During the destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion, Ye Si was on the verge of death. When Cheng Lin regained consciousness, only Ye Si’s fragmented soul was left behind, and ordinary methods would have been unable to save her life. Thereupon, Cheng Lin used a fragment of her own, alongside her Way of Nurturing New Life, to give birth to Ye Si again. Cheng Lin used her fragment as a foundation, and merged it with Ye Si’s fragmented soul. Therefore, Ye Si is the same as Cheng Lin’s daughter, but also a part of Cheng Lin.[6]

Northern Great Emperor

Northern Great Emperor has unrequited feelings to her.


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