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Chu Aristocratic Family was a small aristocratic family of cultivators based somewhere in China.


As a small family, majority of the family members are First Stage cultivators, Second Stage cultivators’ quantity aren’t many.

Legacy Sword Art

About a hundred years ago, the Chu Aristocratic Family gained a rather decent cultivation sword art.[1] It was gifted to Chu Kangbo by his friend, Loose Practitioner Li Tiansu.

Initially, this issue was very well-concealed, no one knew about it. The Chu Aristocratic Family also secretly practiced behind closed doors. But for some reason, people got wind of it and it attracted the attention of a sect.[1]

Even though this sect wasn’t a big one, it was still a lot stronger than the small Chu Aristocratic Family.[1]

Hence, that sect started to make things difficult for the Chu Aristocratic Family to force them to hand over the sword art.[1]

First Attack

Main article: Battle of Severing Immortal

Void Sword School collaborates with ‘Mister’ to obtain the sword art. Unbeknownst to Void Sword School, ‘Mister’ also collaborates with the Sea Urchin Warriors.

Second Attack

The secret information about a certain forbidden area, which was recorded in the book with the sword technique handed down in the Chu Family, was leaked by a member of the family. In addition, the more the leaked information spread, the more things were exaggerated. Some people even said that there were some magical pills inside that forbidden area that could make whomever ate them jump to the Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign Realm, or that there were all kinds of divine weapons. This ended up attracting the attention of several greedy cultivators.[2]

A group of cultivators banded together and attacked the Chu Family. A Chu Family disciple managed to find his way to Jiangnan University City and requested help from Song Shuhang.[3]

So troublesome, isn’t it easier to just kill everyone?
‘Venerable White’ to Song Shuhang[4]

Song Shuhang and White rushed over to Chu Family and deftly dealt with the attackers.

White created a gigantic sword array with a diameter of 5000 meters, and it covered the whole land of the Chu Family. At first, the sword qi were strong enough to instantly kill attackers yet at the last seconds its strength was decreased to only destroyed their original Sea of Qi Dantian, burst open their meridians, or robbed them of their motor skills upon stabbing their bodies.[4]

Third Attack

Spirit Venerable Spirit Butterfly fed the information network with false news that the mysterious senior protecting Chu Aristocratic Family has left, therefore leaving the family defenceless, prompting another attack. Spirit Venerable Spirit Butterfly used this attack for Soft Feather’s battle training.


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