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Chu Chu was known as a genius from Chu Aristocratic Family, a small family in the Cultivation World, based somewhere in China.

Chu Chu is considered as Chu Aristocratic Family’s most talented disciple within 200 years.[3] However, since Chu Aristocratic Family is just a small family in the Cultivation World, they are unable to properly nurture her talent and abilities, due to their limited resources.

At the start of the novel, Chu Chu has left her family to go travelling around the world, in order to obtain deeper understanding in cultivation.


Chu Chu is a beautiful young woman with a well developed body. She was described as having an 'S Shape.'

She loves to dress in black. Whenever her black dresses or black stockings were damaged, she will replace them with a new one.[4]


Chu Chu had been practicing since she was young, completing her foundation when she was seven years old. Chu Chu was a very self-disciplined young girl. She did not fail to live up to the Chu Aristocratic Family’s expectations. No matter how tough, she never skipped her practice, working hard every day.[5]

She successfully leaped over the dragon gate at the age of eighteen and become Chu Aristocratic Family’s youngest Second Stage True Master.[5]


Chu Chu has the rare pure water attribute.

Weapon of Choice

Chu Chu is a sword user.

Song Shuhang is considering to help her forge the Old Ape Hierophant Sharp Sword once she promoted to Fourth Stage, using Eighth Stage materials.

Immortal Chef

Chu Chu is training to be an immortal chef by using the manuals she obtained in a secret realm as follows:[6]

  • Immortal Chef’s Thirty Three Basic Recipes
  • Immortal Chef’s Thirty Three Intermediate Recipes
  • Immortal Chef’s Basic Getting Started Sword Technique
  • Immortal Chef’s Thirty Three Flaming Techniques

Chu Chu also obtained the Hippogriff, a Fifth Stage set of kitchenware from the second layer of the Throne of Wealth Dispersal.[7]

Chu Chu received a chef heart won by her master from a mysterious senior.[8]

Battle of Severing Immortal

One, Chu Chu received news about the Chu Aristocratic Family. The news she received briefly mentioned the recent developments of the Chu Aristocratic Family, causing her to rush back as quick as she could, preparing to participate the Battle of Severing Immortal with the Void Sword School.[5]

Void Sword School employed Thirty Three Beasts Assassin Organisation to intercept and deter Chu Chu from returning to Chu Aristocratic Family at all cost.[9]

Whale 8 managed to capture Chu Chu and almost killed her, if not the timely intervention of Song Shuhang and White.

However, Chu Chu suffered heavy injuries and thus unable to participate in the battle.

Tomb of Venerable Sixth Path

Clear Water Pavilion

Becoming A Disciple of Tyrant Song

After becoming his second apprentice, Song Shuhang passed to her the following cultivation techniques:[4]

Her master also gave her a batch of medicinal pills.[4]

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Research and Development of Evil Pestilence Menu

Tyrant Serenity Sermon

During her master’s sixth sermon, the Tyrant Serenity Sermon, Chu Chu participated in the live demonstration of evil pestilence menu together with her mentor, Distinguishing Snow.[10]

It was due to this demonstration that her identity as a disciple of Tyrant Song and a mentee of Distinguishing Snow was known to All Heavens and Myriad Realms’s practitioners.

Receiving A Dao Name

You became my disciple to ‘find the Way’. Therefore, I bestow you the Dao Name ‘Fairy Wayfinder’
Song Shuhang to Chu Chu[1]

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration, her master, Tyrant Song bestowed her one of his Dao name, Scholar Wayfinder, to Chu Chu. Upon receiving the Dao NameFairy Wayfinder’, Chu Chu felt she obtained a huge luck and karmic virtue.[1]

Blessing of Heavenly Ways

Along with her fellow apprentice brothers and sisters, Chu Chu obtained a blessing from her master, Ninth Heavenly Way Tyrant Song. Their master prepared a nine layered trial to temper themselves.[11]

Afterwards, a seven-coloured radiance from Heaven and Earth descended on them, a blessing from the other Ninth Heavenly Way, White. Her body figure also restored from the damage suffered from Whale 8’s «Embracing the Younger Sister Tightly Until Death».[11]


Song Shuhang

Originally she was sent to Song Shuhang as a tribute offering by her ancestor, Chu Kangbo, as a means to forge relationship with the powerful and influential Nine Provinces (1) Group.

She spent lots of time as the nanny of his adopted daughter during their stay at the Time City.

After they were reunited, she requested to be his disciple. At first, her request was rejected.

Distinguishing Snow

The Number One Immortal Chef Under the Heaven Fairy Lady Distinguishing Snow has agreed to personally mentor Chu Chu at the request of her master. After a brief examination, Distinguishing Snow was surprised Chu Chu already contacted chef heart’s threshold despite her youth. The former felt it’s a waste for such talented immortal chef to be his disciple.[12][13]


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