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In ancient times, there was a medium-sized sect named Clear Water Pavilion. The pavilion master ‘Fairy Chu’ was a gentle and friendly Sixth Stage True Monarch. Under her guidance, the entire Clear Water Pavilion led a life that was at peace with the world.


A woman with black hair. Her hair was very long, and it was unknown how long it had been since the last time she cut it. Her hair was hanging loosely and covered the whole area surrounding the chair.

The skin of the woman was very pale, to the point that it almost seemed transparent. Her eyes were half-closed and half-open, making her look rather sleepy. Moreover, she was emitting a dispirited aura from her whole body. But when the dispirited aura was coupled with the looks of the woman, it gave her the aura of an incredibly lazy beauty.


Encounter With Song ONE

Destruction of Clear Water Pavilion

One day, in an event known as the Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion, Clear Water Pavilion got involved in a fight between two large sects of cultivators. The whole Clear Water Pavilion got wiped out—apart from pavilion master Fairy Chu, nobody survived.[1]

In the midst of despair, Fairy Chu got promoted to Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable.

Thereafter, her extreme despair powered the spiritual energy within her body, and actually created a complete ‘Clear Water Pavilion’—the disciples within the sect continued their lively and jovial chats with one another, just like how it was before their death; they practised hard together, leading a life that was at peace with the world…

Battle of Clear Water Pavilion

At the beginning of Battle of Clear Water Pavilion, Pavilion Lord Chu fought against two Beast Realm’s Tribulation Immortals, with neither side obtaining the upper hand.

Battle of Ruism

During the Battle of Ruism, Pavilion Lord Chu fought against Bear King, a Tribulation Immortal Demon of the Nine Serenities. However, as she was still recovering, she can attack three times only.[2]

Resurrection of the Clear Water Pavilion

Resurrection of the Clear Water Pavilion has been Pavilion Lord Chu’s obsession ever since its destruction. The obsession manifested as her Heart Demon and continued to haunt her.

After she trod her Way of Eternal Life, Pavilion Lord Chu passed the obsession to Pavilion Lord Chu Two.[3]

8.5th-generation Heavenly Way Era

Chu Qiongqiong wanted to personally see the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way, Daozi regarding the resurrection of the Clear Water Pavilion. However, Song Shuhang offered to go in her stead, since even Eternal Life Beings will fall into dormancy due to the imperishable information.[4]

Moreover, there was no friendship between Pavilion Lord Chu and Daozi, so the latter may not entertain Chu Qiongqiong. Song Shuhang has a good relationship with Daozi, so the Heavenly Way will at least give him face and answer his question.[4]

Daozi then informed Shuhang that it was impossible for the former to resurrect the members of the Clear Water Pavilion. This was due too much time has passed since their death. Moreover, they don’t have any resurrection array or the likes prepared for them beforehand.[5]

Daozi speculated that when a Heavenly Way successfully transcending from the Heavenly Way, the members of the Clear Water Pavilion may be resurrected. If someone truly transcending the time and space, can intercept the members of the Clear Water Pavilion from the river of time, and let them resurrect.[5]

Ninth Heavenly Way Era

Chu Qiongqiong’s obsession was finally fulfilled when Tyrant Song successfully transcending from the Heavenly Way position.

At the request of Chu One and Chu Two, Transcendence Tyrant Song created another timeline where the Clear Water Pavilion was unscathed while the battle royale participants were severely and punished and the monster hunters’ task force was erased from existence.[6][7]

For the current timeline’s Clear Water Pavilion, they were resurrected at Tyrant Song’s personal domain, Tyrant Realm.[8]


Blockhead Song

Believe me, even if I were to sell you, you’d still be by my side counting the money we made.
Excerpt of Blockhead Song’s letter to Chu Qiongqiong[9]

Chu Qiongqiong was the woman Blockhead Song understands the most. He created the «Chu Qiongqiong Guide + Correspondence Formula» just to deal with her.[10][11]

Chu Qiongqiong was widely known as one of Blockhead Song’s girlfriends.

Ye Si

Song Shuhang


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