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Clear Water Pavilion was a medium-sized sect that existed during Ancient Antiquity Era. The pavilion master ‘Fairy Chu’ was a gentle and friendly True Monarch. Under her guidance, the entire Clear Water Pavilion led a life that was at peace with the world.[1]


Pavilion Amongst the Clouds

Pavilion Amongst the Clouds (云中阁; yún zhōng gé) was the personal residence of the pavilion lord.

Time City

Time City

Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion

Main article: Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion

Around several hundred years to thousand years after the end of the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII, Clear Water Pavilion was destroyed because five powerful factions were fighting in the airspace nearby Clear Water Pavilion.[2][3][4]

Just as the various factions were engaged in a close battle and were killing each other, a task force of 3,000 monster hunters suddenly appeared and wiped out the various factions, and cruelly destroyed the Clear Water Pavilion while it was at it.[3][5]


After the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, Blockhead Song brought the fragments of 23 weapons of the Tribulation Immortal-rank that the Tribulation Immortals of the Ancient Heavenly Court left behind after dying in battle or getting defeated to the Clear Water Pavilion. These fragments were scattered all around to pay tribute to the already defunct Clear Water Pavilion.[6][3]

These fragments were later found by the then-True Monarch White and refined into a jade ball, ‘Nameless’.[6][3]

Retrieval of the Original Heavenly Court Plan

Main article: Retrieval of the Original Heavenly Court Plan

On September 2019, the Beast Realm launched the Retrieval of the Original Heavenly Court Plan.

Battle of Clear Water Pavilion

Main article: Battle of Clear Water Pavilion

Beast Realm

Resurrection of the Clear Water Pavilion

Pavilion Lord Chu Qiongqiong wanted to personally see the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way, Daozi regarding the resurrection of the Clear Water Pavilion. However, Song Shuhang offered to go in her stead, since even Eternal Life Beings will fall into dormancy due to the imperishable information.[7]

Moreover, there was no friendship between Pavilion Lord Chu and Daozi, so the latter may not entertain her. Song Shuhang has a good relationship with Daozi, so the Heavenly Way will at least give him face and answer his question.[7]

Daozi then informed Shuhang that it was impossible for the former to resurrect the members of the Clear Water Pavilion. This was due too much time has passed since their death. Moreover, they don’t have any resurrection array or the likes prepared for them beforehand.[8]

Daozi speculated that when a Heavenly Way successfully transcending from the Heavenly Way, the members of the Clear Water Pavilion may be resurrected. If someone truly transcending the time and space, can intercept the members of the Clear Water Pavilion from the river of time, and let them resurrect. However, is only a speculation.[8]

New Clear Water Pavilion

I said: In this Tyrant Realm, let there be fully grown tress with abundant spirit power
Tyrant Song acting cool.

Right after Tyrant Song finished speaking, trees started to grow nearby members of Clear Water Pavilion. These trees grow wildly, and in a blink of an eye, they became giant trees soaring into the clouds. These trees were full of spirit power, and will be the building material to reconstruct the pavilion.[9]

I said: In this Tyrant Realm, let there be many precious ores as well as spirit vein, nourishing all living things.
Tyrant Song acting cool (2).

As his voice falls, everyone felt that the land of underfoot is changing, spirit veins are being born. Moreover, these huge spirit veins were something that even major influences in Ancient Antiquity Era will fight to obtain. Furthermore, many precious ores were born near the forest. These rich mineral resources were exposed directly in the ground, sparkling and shining.[9]

I said: In this Tyrant Realm, let this lake be the source, twelve spirit rivers and multiple branches, flowing endlessly.
Tyrant Song acting cool (3).


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