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Collapse of the Heavenly Way (天道崩溃; Tiān Dào Bēngkuì) was an event that took place on 01st January 2020 where the Current Heaven, the Eighth Heavenly Way suddenly collapsed. It was witnessed by practitioners from All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Demons of the Nine Serenities via Song Shuhang’s fifth manifestation.[1][2]


During the final battle of the seventh vying for the Heavenly Way, a part of Liquid Metal Ball’s existence was devoured by its opponent, the Ruism Holy Man.[3] As such, when it became the Heavenly Way, the ‘Current Heaven’ was flawed.

Throughout its era, the ‘Current Heaven’ spent most of its time trying to patch its flawed self. The known patch plans were:

For several thousand years, Tribulation Immortals and Eternal Life Beings faintly sensed that the ‘Current Heaven’ was flawed, and that it would sooner or later not be able to hold on. However, it was unknown for how long the Heavenly Way could hold onto his position, since despite being flawed, a Heavenly Way is still a Heavenly Way. It was possible that the ‘Current Heaven’ was able to hold on for several thousands of years to ten thousands of years.[6]

Therefore, there are individuals and groups started to actively undermine the efforts of ‘Heaven’ to fix itself. One of them was the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance, who were actively sabotaging the patch plans. The Destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court was orchestrated by the alliance. The Heavenly Emperor was sealed for thousands upon ten thousands of years during the commotion. The alliance also led an attack to destroy the Son of Heaven.[7]

Another notable individual was Song Shuhang himself. Either by chance or by design, Shuhang was highly instrumental with sabotaging the ‘Heaven’ efforts by absorbing the Way of the Heavenly Court and landing the killing blow at the Son of Heaven.[8]

Heavenly Way Remains

Main article: Heavenly Way Remains Ball

The Eighth Heavenly Way’s remains came into being a few month before the Collapse, instead appearing after it has left the job as per its predecessors. This is due to the Eighth was forced to leave its post instead of voluntarily leaving it like its predecessors.

Vying for Heavenly Way IX

The Collapse of the Heavenly Way kick started the Vying for the Heavenly Way IX.

The opening battle was between Eternal Life Being Moon-like Fire and Saint Monarch Tyrant Song on Mars.


In Imperial China, the passing of an emperor was referred to as Jiàbēng (駕崩/驾崩, lit. collapse of the [imperial] chariot) and an emperor that had just died was referred to as Dàxíng Huángdì (大行皇帝, literally the Emperor of the Great Journey.)

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