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Immortal Master Copper Trigram was a member of the famous and influential Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Calculator of Black Trigrams

Usually, Copper Trigram’s divination result must be reversed to get the actual result. For example, if the divination result said ‘danger’, it actually means ‘safety’ and vice versa.[2]

Curiously, Song Shuhang is the only known exception to this rule.

Transformation Art

Copper Trigram is a master of disguise and can transform into any form he wishes regardless of sex, age or even species.

The members of the chat group guessed that he must have been chased around to be killed for calculating divinations wrongly so often, and had no choice but to change his identity to flee. Over time, he mastered the art of changing appearances.[3]

Known Transformations:

Battle of the Forbidden City

Copper Trigram challenged North River to a duel on the Forbidden City.[3][7]

Immortal Food Feast

Copper Trigram participated as a beautiful woman.

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Main article: 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

In this timeline, Future Soft Feather has solved the hidden danger in Copper Trigram body, and thus ensuring the latter's survival during the Invisible Death Tribulation.[8]

In this timeline, as Song Shuhang rejected Yellow Mountain’s request for friend, he didn’t enter the Nine Provinces (1) Group and didn’t start his path of cultivation. As such, the 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation didn’t took place.

In this timeline, Copper Trigram was burned into ashes in the Invisible Death Tribulation. His death was one of the reasons why Song Shuhang entering a thousand years of closed meditation.[9][10][8]

Battle for Heavenly Astral

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Death Seeking Army

Copper Trigram is a member of the Death Seeking Army together with Mad Sabre Three Waves and the newly joined member Song Shuhang. Copper Trigram was the second-in-command of the Death Seeking Army, only inferior to Mad Sabre Three Waves.[11]

Copper Trigram loves to impersonate the members when (s)he is doing divination, earning the wrath of members. The members once gang up to beat him/her mercilessly.

North River

Copper Trigram has an intense rivalry with North River.

Currently Copper Trigram loves to assume female forms and pretends (?) to be in love with North River.


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