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Xianxia novels, movies, and whatnot are fun to watch and laugh about. But, don’t take the contents for real.
White to Song Shuhang[1]

In the beginning, there was no ‘stages’ concept in the Cultivation World. Each level was differentiated according to foundation building, rebirth, inborn, gold core, nascent soul and other notable symbols for each realm. The concept of rank tier was popularised during the Ancient Antiquity Era.[2]

There is a clear structure and difference between each cultivation stages. Each stage has unique and definitive changes to the body and/or special ability.

The stages are divided further into minor realms. Rather than the usual 1 – 9 layers or primary, intermediate, advanced and peak stages, the number of minor realms are different for each stage. In order to breakthrough these minor realms, a cultivator must fulfil the perquisite requirements first.

Summary of Cultivation Levels
Status Stage Title Lifespan Body Transformation Special Ability References
Disciple First Stage

Beyond Mortal

100 – 120 years Five Acupoints A special ability related to at least one of the acupoints [3][4][5]
Second Stage True Master 200 – 240 years Eight Dragon Dantians True Qi [6][5]
Third Stage Battle King 300 – 400 years Four Extraordinary Meridians Battle King Body [7][5][8]
Expert Fourth Stage Inborn 600 years

Void Core

Nine Immortal Bones

Controlling Sword Art [7][9]
Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign 1,000 years Gold Core Walking on the Sky [10][11][12]
Senior Sixth Stage True Monarch 10,000 years Spirit Lake True Flight [10]
Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable 100,000 years Nascent Soul True Illusion [7]
Big Shot Eighth Stage 1,000,000 years Seal False Reality [13]
Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal  x0,000,000 years Tribulation Bone Gate of Space [14][15]
Eternal Life Being Halo Way of Long Life [16][17][18]

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Disciple Foundation BuildingFirst Stage Beyond MortalSecond Stage True MasterThird Stage Battle King
Expert Fourth Stage InbornFifth Stage Spirit Sovereign
Senior Sixth Stage True MonarchSeventh Stage Spirit Venerable
Big Shot Eighth Stage SaintNinth Stage Tribulation ImmortalEternal Life Being