The so-called ‘Cultivator Alliance’ was similar to the ‘Martial Arts Alliance’ in wuxia novels.

The Cultivator Alliance also had a leader, but the old man had been in secluded meditation for nearly 500 years. There were also the vice-leader and the various elders, but they were all closing up as well.

As long as no earth-shaking change happened in the world of cultivators, then the Cultivator Alliance would be very lax.

Nevertheless, the presence of the ‘Cultivator Alliance’ served to intimidate some nasty cultivator, preventing the world of cultivators from becoming too chaotic.[1]

Annual Events

The Alliance organised annual events for the Cultivation World. These events are good chance for loose practitioners to obtain practice resources and cultivation techniques.

2019 Annual Event - Celestial Hunting Event

Known Members

Alliance Chief

Not much known about the chief, except he was said to be in a seclusion for 500 years already.[1]

Yellow Mountain

A high ranking member of the Alliance, Yellow Mountain can be seen issuing directives from the Alliance to the members of Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Faraway Place

A member of law enforcement.


Void Sword School was wary of the Cultivator’s Alliance intervention during its conflict with Chu Aristocratic Family. This is why Void Sword School agreed to the Battle of Severing Immortal in the first place.

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