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Dao names are names that practitioners will use for themselves after they become part of the world of cultivators. These names are generally either given by their master, or an elder in the sect that they belong to, though some (especially loose cultivators) will choose their own names.

Dao names are not permanent, and can be changed, though generally will only do so after a major event in the cultivator's life.


North River categorized Dao names into three main categories, geographical, special skill and consciousness class.


Geographical Dao Names are based around where the cultivator chooses as their home.

Example: Yellow Mountain and North River.

Special Skill

Special skill Dao Names are based around a technique, special talent, or area of cultivation that the specific cultivator specializes in, or is well known for.

Example: Seven Lives’ Talisman, Copper Trigram and Mad Sabre Three Waves

Consciousness Class

Consciousness class Dao Names generally indicate some part of the cultivator's personal philosophy, or their path of cultivation.

Example: Scholar Contribute Society and Fathom Mystery


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