Daoist Half Gourd was a loose practitioner and the only friend of Jing Mo. He took his Dao Name from the magic gourd he used as a weapon.

He just came out of seclusion on the 06th of July 2019, and since he had nothing better to do, he decided to accompany Branch Lord Jing Mo for a stroll. When he heard that Branch Lord Jing Mo was going to deal with another cultivator, he excitedly tagged along.[1]



He understood the limitation of a loose practitioner and was able to make Jing Mo into a friend who everyone else couldn’t get along with due to his violent nature.

Magical item

Soul Devouring Monster Gourd

Soul Devouring Monster Gourd was Daoist Half Gourd’s main weapon. he briefly used it as suction device to attract everything around. It was mentioned that bottle gourd had other unknown functions.


He was seen catching up to Song Shuhang along with Jing Mo. During the ambush, he was surprised by appearance of Doudou’s doppelgänger but attacked Song Shuhang when Jing Mo kept the other busy. Using his mysterious bottle gourd, he tried to attract Song Shuhang into his bottle gourd, but quickly met his end by Venerable White’s Disposable Flying Sword ver. 004.[2]


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