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Heaven and Earth perished but I’m imperishable, all Myriad Realms extinguished but I’m inextinguishable, Imperishable and Inextinguishable
Sixth Heavenly Way[2]

Daoist Karmic Virtue was the Sixth Heavenly Way and the only one that didn’t get the position after beating all other competitors from All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[3]


Daoist Karmic Virtue has an extremely dazzling Buddha’s halo above his head.[1]

Vying for the Heavenly Way VI

Daoist Karmic Virtue participated in the Vying for the Heavenly Way VI where he first met White there and both of them became fast friend. During the course of the Vying, both of them have saved each other’s life multiple times.[1]

Although White was the winner, he felt that it was not the time yet for him to become the Heavenly Way and traded the position with Daoist Karmic Virtue for the Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle.[4]

Detaching from the Heavenly Way

For reasons only known to the Heavenly Ways, after serving for certain time, Daoist Karmic Virtue withdrew from his position, just like his predecessors.

According to the Seventh Heavenly Way, Daoist Karmic Virtue failed to withdraw successfully. As the result, Daoist Karmic Virtue no longer existed, despite the Heavenly Ways supposedly to be undying.[5]

Destruction of All Heavens and Myriad Realms

Black Sun.[2]

Afterwards, Daoist Karmic Virtue sealed Black Sun.

Tomb of Heavenly Way

The substructure of the tomb was created with the help of the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre.[6] However, since Daoist Karmic Virtue accidentally touched the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre during the process, the sabre has to start all over again, despite already completed the eighth revolution.[7]

As a compensation, Daoist Karmic Virtue gave a Heavenly Way’s Blessing to the sabre, ensuring it will have a master with the Disposition of Heavenly Way.[7]


Daoist Karmic Virtue has left behind three legacies.[3]

  1. Karmic Virtue Network
  2. Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle
  3. Anything Can Sell’s Bed Sheet

Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle

The fastest shuttle in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle was given to White in exchange for the position of the Sixth.

Karmic Virtue Network

Karmic Virtue Network was an extremely vast and extensive network, the network can be accessed by those with sufficient strength of Karmic Virtue. According to Eat Melon, there is a Way of Eternal Life in the network.

Anything Can Sell’s Bed Sheet

A bed sheet capable of almost completly hidding ones aura. Copies of the cloak were made by White Two.


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