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Demon Emperor Hezhi was a famous legend in the demon sects for possessing the ability to Vie for the Mandate of Heaven despite only having Eight Dragon Marks.[1]

He also was known as the Demon Emperor of the West during the era of the Second Heavenly Way.




When he broke through to the Spirit Sovereign Realm, he didn’t condensed a nine dragon marks gold core that goes against heaven’s will, but only one with eight dragon marks. Despite his apparent disadvantages, Hezhi defeated many powerful archenemies who have nine dragon marks.[1]

Hezhi also successfully trod his own Way of Eternal Life, making him among the 1% Eternal Life Beings who don’t have a nine dragon marks gold core.[1][2]

Vying for the Heavenly Way

More than 1 × 10¹⁶ years ago, Hezhi participated in the Vying for the Heavenly Way III as the Demon Emperor of the West . He was considered as a powerful contender during the vying. The average strength of the participants were 60 – 90 out of 100, but Hezhi’s strength was 98, much higher than the rest.

In the final battle, he fought against the King of the East, Kui. Despite both of them being widely thought of as being on the same level, Hezhi was easily crushed by his opponent.[3] He only managed to withstand ten moves or so from Kui.[4]

Black Dragon World

After he failed to obtain the Mandate of Heaven, Hezhi escaped to the Black Dragon World.[5]

Stealing Dragon Eye Gem

Anyone who used the Dragon Eye Gem may contact the Black Dragon World Source.[6] Due to this, Hezhi stole Dragon Eye Gem from time to time.

Usurping the Authority

After arriving in the Black Dragon World, the demon emperor tried to take over the Dragon Net, the will that governs the Black Dragon World. He also tried to take over Ancient Serenities at the same time.[7]

During the critical moment, just before he successfully took over, Hezhi was hit by a sabre attack containing the strengths of seven Eternal Life Being or higher from Song Shuhang, critically wounding him.[8]

Battle of Authority

After he was injured, Hezhi used his jurisdiction to extract energy from the Dragon Net to accelerate his healing process.[8] Song Shuhang countered by using his super manager jurisdiction to limit the amount that can be used by Hezhi.[8]

Hezhi then tried to extract Ancient Serenities World’s energy to help with the healing process, but his consciousness was severely attacked by White Two, who had taken over the jurisdiction of the Ancient Serenities World.[8]

Unable to extract energy from both world, the heavily wounded Hezhi fell into stupor.

Life As A Fugitive

Every ten to fourteen days, Hezhi will move from a world plane to another.[9]


Chef Heart

A very long time ago, Hezhi gambled with a mysterious senior and lost two of his chef hearts.[10] These hearts were in turn won over by Song Shuhang in a gambling round.[11]

Black Chef Heart

Song Shuhang has successfully assimilated the heart despite the (pitiful) attempts of the Will of Chef Heart to take over Shuhang’s body.[12]

White Chef Heart

Song Shuhang gave this heart to his disciple, Chu Chu.[11][12]


Dragon Net Will

Due to her bad experience with Hezhi, Dragon Net Will will try to prevent any Eternal Life Being from the All Heavens and Myriad Realms from entering the Black Dragon World.

Tyrant Song

At first, Hezhi considered Tyrant Song as an ant that can be easily pinched. As time went on, Hezhi realized that Tyrant Song was someone extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

Due to this Hezhi is extremely scared of Tyrant Song.


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