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Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion was an event that occurred during the early stage of the Eighth Heavenly Way’s reign. Clear Water Pavilion was caught up in an attack by a task force of monster hunters against a group of cultivators. The pavilion was destroyed in the attack with only a single survivor was left.


Battle Royale Participants

Each of them was a Spirit Sovereign or higher.

Monster Hunters

A monster hunter’s task force of 3,000 strong was led by Monster Hunter Eternal Life Being [1] The task force was preparing to ambush the battle royale participants.

Clear Water Pavilion

Clear Water Pavilion

In order to prevent the destruction of the pavilion, Blockhead Song recommended to Chu Qiongqiong to shift the location of the pavilion.[2] Despite the proposal was agreed, moving a sect can’t be done in a short time. In the midst of the preparation, the Clear Water Pavilion got involved in a fight between two large sects of cultivators.

The whole Clear Water Pavilion got wiped out — apart from pavilion master Fairy Chu, nobody survived, though one member, Ye Si, was seemingly resurrected as something much like a spirit ghost, but with no memory of her death.

In the midst of despair, Fairy Chu got promoted to Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable.

Thereafter, her extreme despair powered the spiritual energy within her body, and actually created a complete ‘Clear Water Pavilion’—the disciples within the sect continued their lively and jovial chats with one another, just like how it was before their death; they practised hard together, leading a life that was at peace with the world…

Several hundred years later, there were a few cultivators who chanced upon the Clear Water Pavilion and received a warm reception from the disciples of the sect. These five cultivators could not even see through the ‘True Illusion’, and only after they went back to their own sects and talked about the Clear Water Pavilion did they find out the truth from the records of their sect.

Since its destruction, the Clear Water Pavilion has been moved from China to some place in space.

The Tyrant Arrived

Transcendence Tyrant Song brought Chu One and Chu Two back in time in the moment where a battle royale between demon sect, Taoism, Buddhism and some powerful loose practitioners from monster race was on-going.[3]

Tyrant, Tyrant, Tyrant, Tyrant, Tyrant...
A weird word resounding in the minds of the battle royal participants[4]


I request for installment plan
Chu Two to Tyrant Song[5]

As a punishment for choosing a location close to the Clear Water Pavilion and inadvertently causing the pavilion’s destruction, Tyrant Song unleashed «Pregnancy Gaze – Imperishable Enhanced Version» to each and every participant of the battle royale.[4]

Transcendence Tyrant Song then gave Chu One and Chu Two the option to decide on how long the pregnancy effect will last. Be it 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years or even 10,000 years would not be a problem, provided their life span is long enough.[5]

Chu Two chose for them to suffer for 100 years. She also suggested that the 100 years of pregnancy to be divided into ten cycles of ten years each. In between the cycles, there are random break times between 1 – 5 years. As they didn’t know how many cycles of pregnancy are there, the participants of the battle royale will live in fear and trepidation, waiting for the eleventh cycle to strike.[5]

For the monster hunter’s task force, Transcendence Tyrant Song instantly destroyed the entire task force and erased their existence from the history. Even Heavenly Ways can’t remember they ever existed.[5]


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