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Dharma King Good Fortune was a member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group known not only for his powerful body that rivals those of a stage higher than himself, but also for his horrible singing.[1]

Name & Aliases

造化 (zàohuà) means good fortune, but it was mistranslated as ‘creation’ by Godbrandy.

In Chapter 1112, when Song Shuhang heard about Good Luck Band from Floating Life, he immediately made the connection between ‘good luck’ and ‘good fortune’.

In Chapter 1533, the author played around with ‘造化’ as follows:

Or, there is a good fortune or a big opportunity for him. The ‘good fortune’ here didn’t refers to Senior Good Fortune, but a great good fortune.[2]
Song Shuhang’s monologue[3]

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Dharma King Good Fortune was from the same generation with Ancient Lake Monastery, North River and Mad Sabre Three Waves. Due to his cultivation art, he needs to take a longer time than his friends to get promoted to Sixth Stage True Monarch.[4]

Dharma-Ending Battle

Just like the rest of the [[]]Nine Provinces (1) Group members, Dharma King Good Fortune participated in the production of the Dharma-Ending Battle. Good Fortune composed the soundtracks for Dharma-Ending Battle.[5]

Seventh Promotes Eighth Black Dragon Tribulation

World Tour

Links and References

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