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Tricking others is the puppy!

Doudou was Yellow Mountain’s mischievous monster pet dog who have a habit of running away from home.



When it came to running away from home, Doudou would be very calm every time he did so. He could carefully prepare a plan that would allow him to escape from True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s immortal cave while under Zhou Li’s watch. Doudou’s calmness only existed for the purpose of ‘running away from home’.[3]

Doudou’s Wedding

Doudou’s Wedding

Attacking the Celestials

Fourth to Fifth Tribulation

First Tribulation

Doudou requested Yellow Mountain’s permission to increase the Heavenly Tribulation intensity. After receiving Yellow Mountain’s permission, Song Shuhang sent his Steel Avatar #Tyrant Tyrant to join Doudou’s tribulation. Finally, Doudou condensed a gold core with eight dragon marks and a friendship mark with #Tyrant Tyrant.

Due to the friendship mark he shared with #Tyrant Tyrant, Doudou was dragged into Soft Feather’s own Fourth to Fifth Heavenly Tribulation at the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Third Tribulation

Main Article: 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Doudou was then involved in Song Shuhang’s Black Dragon Tribulation and subsequently condensed the ninth dragon mark and received the title of Thousand Years’ Eighth Saint, Ancient Saint Doudou.

During the Saint Sermon, Doudou gained a pair of black dragon wings.

Throne of Wealth Dispersal


Yellow Mountain

Big Idiot Yellow Mountain!

Doudou has a complex love and hate relationship with Yellow Mountain. Doudou loves to run away from home and have Yellow Mountain chasing after him. Should Yellow Mountain didn’t look for him after a while, Doudou will start complaining about it.

Zhou Li

Zhou Li is Yellow Mountain’s right-hand man whose primary task is to take care of Doudou, or more specially, to clean up the mess Doudou made. Zhou Li and Doudou are extremely familiar with each other thinking method and can easily second guess the opposite party easily.[4] Both of them took extreme pleasure to annoy each other.

Chu Chu

Chu Chu~!!!

Doudou is known to have a ‘Chu Chu’ complex. The reason for this complex still unknown even to Yellow Mountain.

Song Shuhang once threatened to take all Chu Chu in All Heavens and Myriad Realms as his disciples and bestowed them the Dao name ‘Path Seeking Scholar’ so that there is no more Chu Chus.

Chu Chuchu


Chu Chuchu is Doudou’s online wife.

Exterminating Phoenix 

The two of them hate each other with a great passion. Apparently Doudou used to bully him when they were younger, but since upgrading his cultivation, Exterminating Phoenix has gone out of his way to take revenge.

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