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Dragon King Hall was created by the Gold Dragon Primogenitor sometimes near the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Just like any other Blockhead Song’s related relics, the Dragon King Hall contain secrets that can only be recognized by Song Shuhang alone.

Main Hall

[Big Idiot Song ONE Go To Hell ×10,000][1]

Sixth Hall

200 years ago, the sixth hall collapsed in an accident. The hall wasn’t reconstructed until now.[2]

White Dragon informed Yu Jiaojiao that in the left side wall of the sixth hall, two boxes were buried together at the depth of 10 metres. One was a golden box and the other was a white box.

White Dragon then instructed Yu Jiaojiao to knock the golden box 30 times. White Dragon also cautioned Yu Jiaojiao against knocking the white box. The white box is the defence mechanism, knocking it will cause a powerful explosion at least of Ninth Stage strength.[2]

However, Yu Jiaojiao found out there was only the golden box while the white box already missing.

In that golden box, there was another version of the «Wonderful Mirror for Divine Armament».[3]

Tenth Hall

There was a treasure storehouse in the side hall, which is an ultra-small space.[4]

White Dragon suggested that Yu Jiaojiao go to the Tenth Hall for practice.[4]


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