Dragon Net Will is the Realm Lord of the Black Dragon World. The current will manifested herself with Lady Kunna’s appearance and answers to the name ‘Fat Ball’.

Generation of Wills

‘Fat Ball’

Lady Kunna

Call me Fat Ball
‘Lady Kunna’ to Song Shuhang

Super Manager

In return for Tyrant Dragon’s assistance in repelling Demon Emperor Hezhi, Lady Fat Ball gave him the jurisdiction as the super manager of Dragon Net for 20 days. The 20 days jurisdiction was the limit because any period longer than that would cause Tyrant Dragon to be assimilated by the Dragon Net.

In order to help Tyrant Dragon managing the network, a network assistant was created. The assistant answers to Tyrant Dragon alone.


Currently there are eleven saints tasked with the protection of the Black Dragon World. These saints are considered as legendary existences amongst the residents of the Black Dragon World.

Tyrant Dragon was the twelfth saint of the Black Dragon World.


Demon Emperor Hezhi once tried to take over the Dragon Net after failing to defeat Kui during the third vying for the Heavenly Way. After several billion years he almost succeeded but was stopped by Tyrant Song in the last moment.

Lady Fat Ball is the Ninth Imperishable body of an already collapsed world that preceded the All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

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