Dongfang Pei (东方裴; Dōngfāng Péi) or more famously known as the Eastern Great Emperor was a powerful Eternal Life Being and was one of the Four Directional Great Emperors of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Name & Aliases

Dongfang Pei

Dongfang Pei (东方裴; Dōngfāng Péi) is Eastern Great Emperor’s real name and the only one known among the Four Directional Great Emperors.[1] Therefore, he is called Senior Dongfang by Song Shuhang.

Eastern Great Emperor

Eastern Great Emperor (东方大帝; Dōngfāng Dà Dì) was his title in the Ancient Heavenly Court that combines his position as one of the Four Directional Great Emperors with his surname Dongfang (东方; Dōngfāng).

Number One Hammer Under the Heaven

Number One Hammer Under the Heaven (天下第一锤; Tiānxià Dì Yī Chuí) was the nickname that refers to the great emperor’s status as the best blacksmith and hammer cultivator under the heaven. His appearance fee was 1 billion Ninth Stage spirit stones, excluding of the materials and spirit stones required. Due to this, Eastern is the richest among the Four Directional Great Emperors.[2]

Blacksmith King

Blacksmith King (打铁王者; Dǎtiě Wángzhě) was a nickname given to the great emperor by Tyrant Song.[3]


When overslept Dongfang Pei first appeared, there was no distinct description about him, indicating he had common black colors and was not that different in Ancient Heavenly Court attire similar to the other Four Directional Great Emperors[2], wearing a Manchu long gown (长袍) like Northern Great Emperor[4] or royal robe (王袍) like Western Great Emperor[4] and Southern Great Emperor[5].

Once beginning his refining, Dongfang Pei stretches out a hand to untie his luxurious body cloth robe, revealing his vigorous and healthy muscle.[6]

After completing the refining, Eastern Great Emperor stretches out his hand, he again wears his luxurious Great Emperor clothing (大帝服饰).[7]



He is straightforward and a good speaker.[2]

As an artificer, he proudly strives to quench his works to the limit they can be and does not seek to disappoint his works with his skills. He is also courteous with his transactions and his customers, with additional kindness to those who allow him to display his true skills through the customer's provided high-quality materials.[8]

As thanks for his customer's provided high-quality materials, Dongfang Pei is willing to provide missing necessary ordinary materials at no charge.[9] He also warns his customer about dangers during tool spirit development.[10]

His common sense is similar to a hard working hobbyist craftman and senior cultivator, with modern society's respect towards human rights. He subconsciously enjoys being an artificer because it legally allows him to hammer others' Living Items while the owners must give him a smile. [10][11]

He respects his promises and karma ties.[12]

He likes good gossip, dramas and curious things.[13]

He likes fun dramas he directly participates in for exciting spirit.[14][7]

Ancient Heavenly Court

Eastern once had an accident that needed 1 billion spirit stones or so and Heavenly Emperor happened to pass by to provide the funds. Therefore, he owed the Heavenly Emperor a favor.

Spring Pavilion of the East

Main article: Spring Pavilion of the East

Eastern personally shattered and abandoned his Spring Pavilion of the East before becoming MIA.[15]

Eastern Great Emperor's Diary

Blockhead Song sold White Bone a ‘Way of the Hammer sermon manuscript’ from Eastern Great Emperor’s diary for her Eighth Stage Profound Saint sermon.[16][17] Because of this incident, White Bone became Eastern's junior in the Way of Hammer while working as his artificer assistant.[18]

Post-Heavenly Court

Even with the network of the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance, Eastern Great Emperor was deemed MIA since the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court.[5]

Eastern actually went into closed confinement to shun the world and for successfully withdrawing from the Way of the Heavenly Court.[14] He recently woke up in early January 2020, after the Collapse.[8] He was contacted-updated by Heavenly Emperor and mastered the modern language through supplementary lessons. He also begun learning modern time units and knowledge.[18] He even knew of Tyrant Song, however, Dongfang Pei viewed him as a young Eighth Stage cultivator who cultivated for as long as other genius cultivator standards.

Dongfang Pei did not know of or watch Tyrant Song's sermons until after the upgrade.[19]

Upgrading the Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor
Song Shuhang joking around[2]

Main article: Upgrade of the Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item

Before her ‘death’, the Heavenly Emperor had arranged for Eastern Great Emperor to upgrade Song Shuhang’s two sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item, by writing off a 1 billion spirit stones debt the Great Emperor owed her.[2]

However, the materials and spirit stones required for the upgrade wasn’t included in the 1 billion spirit stones price tag.[2]

Eastern Great Emperor took the job to practice experience with promoting multiple top stage Living Items. Because of his Ancient Heavenly Court membership period, he has much experience forging and upgrading the Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item for the Beast God Corps. He obtains more forging-upgrading materials from Song Shuhang's material horded collection pile.[8]

The upgrading works took place at the gradually collapsing Heavenly Emperor World.

This Upgrade event caused many tiring common sense breaking heart attacks at Eastern Great Emperor. It resulted with himself upgrading his artificer skills out of pressure.

Meeting the Rulers (First Time to Third)

Eastern Great Emperor
Little White Bone, how many Nine Serenities Rulers does Tyrant Song knows?
Dongfang Pei to White Bone

During the Upgrade event, Eastern stressfully encountered three Nine Serenities Rulers: Song Fat Ball, White Two's Golden Thigh and Eye Two's aura.

If it wasn’t for Eastern Great Emperor having perfect mastery of his psychological quality, if changed to another cultivator, seeing the different Nine Serenities Rulers in the same day, his mind will collapse.[20]

Runaway from Tyrant Song's Raising Sabre Art

What is with your «Raising Sabre Art»? Too evil. (Dongfang Pei)
【Evil art, this is absolutely an evil art.】
Eastern Great Emperor secretly said in heart, then he puts out a hand to extract that Old Ape Hierophant Sharp Sword, starts the new upgrade round.

Ancient Heavenly Court chat group

Birth of Tyrant Corpse[13]

The true culprit is you, Tyrant Song!

Double Inspecting his Tools

Skills and Abilities

Solid Top-rank Eternal Life Being Foundation

-High speed processing power

Hammer Arts - Way of Hammer

Dongfang Pei blasts apart his enemies' heads with his hammer(s). He also uses spare hammers as coordinate items. He also taught some of the Way to White Bone after her Profound Saint Sermon incident.

His hammering is aggresive and less artistic than Sixth Path's.[10]

Unnamed Object Compression Art

Dongfang Pei used this art to compress each Heart of Tyrant Song to marble size during the forging process.[10]

Eight Arms Art[21]

To increase his forging speed, Dongfang Pei uses this art to shorten the time of swinging his hammer.

Body Tempering Arts

To handle to the progressive strain of forging, Dongfang Pei invested.

He is not a body tempering master.[11]


  • Square-shaped Hammers (similar to Marvel's Mjolnir) - Coordinate items
    • One was given to Heavenly Emperor for future contact (1 billion spirit stone debt)
    • Induces thunder heaven sounds when used as a coordinate item[2]
  • Secured and Locked up Hammer Techniques Diary[1]
  • Various hammers
  • Spring Pavilion of the East's Core Palace Hall - Refiner Palace
    • Heavenly Fire Furnace
    • Various magical item Forging Platforms
    • Different attributes Quenching Baths
    • Spirit stones energy extraction equipment


Ancient Heavenly Court

Heavenly Emperor

Upon being contacted by Heavenly Emperor, Eastern began familiarizing himself with the modern world and history since the fall of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Emperor also told Eastern the famous Tyrant Song recently became an Eighth Stage cultivator and is special. Eastern also knew Heavenly Emperor planned her 'death' by Tyrant Song's hands.[22]

White Bone

Her Profound Saint sermon came from Eastern Great Emperor's diary and after she became an Eighth Stage, she became an assistant to Eastern. From him, she learned deep Way of Hammer to the level of fighting standard Eternal Life Beings and held her stance against Kun King.

She has not seen Senior Eastern since the collapse of the Ancient Heavenly Court. She holds habitual skull pain from listening to Eastern's nickname, Number One Hammer Under Heaven.[23]

Blockhead Song

Blockhead Song managed to find and open Eastern Great Emperor's secret diary and sold a part of it as a Profound Saint sermon manuscript to White Bone, earning both grudges.

Cheng Lin

Dongfang Pei is slightly angry with her direct hand in the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, but through his connections and willingness to destroy his Spring Pavilion of the East, he knows her circumstances are beyond his interference range.[24]

Gold Trigram

Song Shuhang

Since he met Tyrant Song, Dongfang Pei has been surprised by his unordinary connections and actions:

  1. Tyrant Song knowing a nouveau riche cultivator who can casually provide spirit stone planet originated spirit stones (each diameter = 100+ meters), the planet origin type Dongfang Pei has yet to see
  2. Poor Tyrant Song calmingly borrowing planet spirit stones while increasing debt
  3. 2 x 33 Living Items with the definite potential to become tool spirits
  4. Heavenly Way's Eye Drops + Mysterious Substance in a short time
  5. Mass production of Hearts of Tyrant Song
  6. Tyrant Ball addressing Tyrant Song as its 'main body'.
  7. Friendship with Nine Serenities Rulers
  8. Tyrant Song's Living Items are shared with White Two
  9. Evil «Raising Sabre Art» item nurturing technique + "excessive" use possibility
  10. Spiritual body division into 15+1 parts

Because of Tyrant Song's variant «Raising Sabre Art» possibly freeloading his items, blacksmith Dongfang Pei feared being near Tyrant Song. As a blacksmith, Dongfang Pei treasured his tools. Therefore, he feared Tyrant Song's evil art would "love" them. It developed into a psychological fear.[25]

He temporarily forgot Tyrant Song twice through the effects of the small black room.[26]

Initially, Dongfang Pei wanted to study the evil art after completing the forging.[23]

Nine Serenities Rulers[11]


  1. Because of his socially embarrassing hammer techniques' research, Dongfang Pei's diary is securely locked up.[1] Blockhead Song is noted to have read his diary and derived a worthy Profound Saint sermon from it.

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