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Saint Monarch Eat Melon was an island-sized mutated whale with the bloodline of a divine beast.[1][2] He practised the «Adept with Both Worlds’ Karmic Virtue Art» (incomplete version) that was left behind by the Sixth Heavenly Way. He is currently stuck in the Eighth Stage Realm and have been unable to break through for a long time.[2]


Human Form

In his human form, Eat Melon has a stern face and a long beard. He wore a simple robe, with his left hand held a horsetail whisk, while his right hand held a dagger.[3]

True Form

His true appearance was a gigantic whale. Saint Monarch Eat Melon’s body could be said to have had a whale as its base. At the same time, its body was covered with thick scales, while he had sharp claws together with a sharp horn on its head. And, below the scales, it looked like there were even some tentacles.[1]


Eighth Stage

Saint Monarch Eat Melon proved his Way as an Eighth Stage Profound Sage 1,300 years prior to the start of the novel.[4]

He practices the «Adept with Both Worlds’ Karmic Virtue Art». Upon reaching the Eighth Stage, those who practices this art will have a fusion of mortal body and light of karmic virtue and mortal body will become a restraint to reach Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal.

Rejection of Mortal Body Ceremony

With the help of Northern Great Emperor, Rejection of Mortal Body Ceremony was prepared. According to the great emperor, Eat Melon will need about ten years to draw the required array for the ceremony. Therefore, in order to save everyone’s time, the great emperor drew it himself using Eat Melon’s blood.

Sees mountains as mountains, sees mountains as not mountains, sees mountains as mountains once more
Three levels of enlightenment

While he was helping Separated Snow, he gained an enlightenment.

Immortal Food Feast

Saint Whale Dish

Discussion of the Way

Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation

Transforming Mortality into Immortality

«Pregnancy Gaze»

Formation of Tribulation Bone

Tribulation of A Thousand Days

Receiving Ninth Heavenly Ways Blessing

When he was facing a Ten Sides Extermination Tribulation, Eat Melon received mark of blessing from the Ninth Heavenly Ways.[5]

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