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Eternal Fire was the leader of White Cloud Academy.



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  • True Monarch Eternal Fire
  • Eternal Fire’s Heart is Tired and Wanted to Retire

Dharma-Ending Battle

Battle of White Cloud Academy

Golden Lotus

At the entrance to the Golden Lotus World, Song Shuhang showed a special dance to control the Golden Lotus to Eternal Fire and White.[1]

After obtaining the jurisdiction of the Golden Lotus World, Eternal Fire’s position and standing within the Ruism’s was increased exponentially.[2]

Battle of Ruism

Battle of Ruism


Sixth Stage True Monarch

Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable

With the boosts obtained from Golden Lotus World and Ancient Saint Seal plug-ins, Eternal Fire broke through the Sixth Stage True Monarch and became a Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable sometimes post November 2019. However, since this matter was considered as Ruism’s secret, not many people knew about it.


Su Wenqu

Sabre Carrying Scholar Su Wenqu was Eternal Fire’s son.

Tyrant Song

Eternal Fire was one of the few who knows that Tyrant Song wasn’t the reincarnation of the really amazing Ruism Holy Man and knows who the real reincarnation is.

However, it is understandable and even expected that Eternal Fire wants to believe that Tyrant Song is the reincarnation over the real reincarnation.


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