Evil Lotus World is a legacy created by the Third Heavenly Way.

Battle of the White Cloud Academy

Using the connection between the two lotus worlds, Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler launched an attack directly at the heart of White Cloud Academy. The attack massacred everyone present almost instantly. However, the attack was countered by Eternal Fire who reversed the time, using Golden Lotus World’s jurisdiction.

Song Shuhang then severed the connection between the two lotus world by using a dance created by Third Heavenly Way, the creator of the lotus worlds. With the connection severed, Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler have no choice but to retreat.

The Host and the Guest Exchange Roles

Metal Throne

The Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler shifted the Metal Throne, the personal domain of the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler into the Evil Lotus World.

108 Demon Pillars

Song Shuhang transferred Demon Emperor Hezhi’s 108 demon pillars that containing the latter’s legacy into the Evil Lotus World after he uprooted them in the Black Dragon World (and severely wounded the demon emperor in the process).[1]

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