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Evil pestilence (邪妄; xié wàng) are creatures that suddenly pop-up everywhere in All Heavens and Myriad Realms whenever Changing Heaven is about to happen.

In an alternative timeline, where Song Shuhang rejected Yellow Mountain’s request for friend, evil pestilence turns into a world extinguishing disaster.[1]


Ghost Claw

Severed Dragon Evil Pestilence

Severed Dragon Evil Pestilence (断龙邪妄; duàn lóng xié wàng) can form whenever a dragon vein was severed, hence its name.[2]

This evil pestilence was recorded to appeared in coastal area of Mediterranean Sea 700 years ago. It was recorded that even magecrafts of Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign level were not effective. Moreover, it wasn’t recorded how the evil pestilence was solved.[2]

In 2019, this evil pestilence appeared at the Common People Way, blocking the entire school. Vice-sect master, True Monarch Susu reqiested help from the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Song Shuhang suggested the usage of «Gold Needle Sealing the Dragon Array», since it can be used to limit the Severed Dragon Evil Pestilence’s growth. After losing supplement, the evil pestilence will weaken.[2] Heeding the suggestion, Susu laid out the array.

Prolonged contact with Severed Dragon Evil Pestilence will cause ‘unlucky’ attribute to stick.[3]

The easiest way to solve this evil pestilence was to have someone lucky to stay around it.


Evil Pestilence Grand Feast

Demon Emperor Hezhi’s Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast originated from the demon emperor’s researches on evil pestilence.[4] After Song Shuhang obtained Hezhi’s research notes on evil pestilence, he collaborated with the Number One Immortal Chef Under the Heaven, Fairy Lady Separated Snow to develop the Evil Pestilence Grand Feast.

Song Shuhang also ordered the seven Tribulation Immortal demons under his command to collect evil pestilence that plaguing the Earth. 

Demon God Pillar

Demon God Pillars were created by using evil pestilence as one of its main materials.

Artificially Breeded Evil Pestilence

The Unbounded Demon Sect used the knoweldge passed from Demon Emperor Hezhi to artificially breed evil pestilence once the Heavenly Way collapsed. These evil pestilence were crucial to the demon sect’s Demon Sea Great Plan.

To camouflage their breeding activities, the Unbounded Demon Sect recruited loose practitioners to be part of an effort to clean up evil pestilence that plaguing the Earth. In truth, the loose practitioners were fed to the numerous evil pestilence. Afterwards, the evil pestilence would be harvested by the demon sect.

Clearing Up of Evil Pestilence

The sudden loss of evil pestilence signals were immediately noticed by the monitoring personnel at the control centre. They start contacting the respective garrison personnel, asking whether there are any changes on site. After being informed that nothing out of the ordinary observed, the monitoring personnel requested the garrison personnel to directly enter the evil pestilence lairs and make observation.

After on-site investigations were conducted, the garrison personnel confirmed the evil pestilence were in fact destroyed, since they only found a wisp of evil pestilence remnants bodies.

Based on the speed of the loss of evil pestilence signals and their respective locations, the monitoring personnel surmised there are at least seven Tribulation Immortal or higher big shots that taking action at the same time. This situation baffled them since normally Tribulation Immortal or higher big shots would not take action if there is no Eighth Stage or higher’s evil pestilence present. Moreover, the big shots should be busy proving their Way or vying for Heavenly Way.

The monitoring personnel started asking arounds for informations for the sudden actions of the seven big shots. After awhile, they received a message from Scholar Blue Sea, informing them that just moments before the loss of signals, Sage Monarch Tyrant Song has requested for the complete world wide evil pestilence distribution map. 

Putting all the clues together, the monitoring personnel came up with the conclusions that the seven big shots were Sage Monarch Tyrant Song’s specially dispatched subordinates to deal with the evil pestilence.

Immemorial Demon Sermon

Seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times. Doing something once is better than seeing it a hundred times.
Lisa See, Dreams of Joy

After Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s sixth sermon «Transforming Evil Pestilence Into Ingredients» and «Evil Pestilence Menu» feat. Fairy Lady Separated Snow and Chu Chu, All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioners started to see the evil pestilence in a new light.[5]

Demons of the Nine Serenities also start applying for travel permit from the Nine Serenities to All Heavens and Myriad Realms from Ruler Tyrant Ru.[6]


Hexagram 25

Hexagram 25 is named “Without Pestilence” (无妄; wú wàng). Other variations include “Innocence (the unexpected)” and “Without Embroiling”. Its inner trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder, and its outer trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven.[7]

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