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Young Master Exterminating Phoenix is a five-tailed cat monster that already transformed into human. Every new time he advances he has a chance to get a new tail, and every new tail has a talent.

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Tractor Race

He did not want to participate in the Tractor Race, but White said that the first 5 participants will be taken to explore some Ancient Ruins and maybe in those ruins is the secret of immortality, him accept to participate but him was afraid, as well who told Song Shuhang to control his body.

When Song Shuhang controlled his body, there was a 3-second delay between thought and reaction of the body. White discovered that it was Song Shuhang who controlled the body, so he told him that if he did not reach the first 10, he would send him into space for a month.

Dharma-Ending Battle

Just like the rest of Nine Provinces (1) Group’s members, Exterminating Phoenix participated in the filming of Dharma-Ending Battle. He acted as the sect’s guardian beast, the Heaven Swallowing Cat. His nemesis in the movie was Doudou’s Ten-Headed Hell Dog.

Doudou’s Wedding

Special Abilities

Exterminating Phoenix has an ability for every tail, though most are unknown.

He has the ability to draw others minds into his own body. Unfortunately, while doing this, the person will discover there is a three second delay between when they try to attempt an action, and when it is performed.

Those of lesser experience and skill can use this time to draw on Exterminating Phoenix's greater knowledge when practicing techniques, allowing them to be improved enormously.

When he used the Dragon Demon Medicine, he gained a new tail and ability. He can turn a target into slime, but it only has a 30% chance of working. The slime still has all their senses and can not be effected by pure physical attacks.


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