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The Eye Looking Planet was a gigantic planet that looks like an eye. It was the Way Item created by the Second Heavenly Way and the biggest Way Item ever created.[1]


  1. Metal Heart[2]
  2. Star-level Strategic Magical Item;[3]
  3. Opening the Heaven Eye;[3] and
  4. Absolute Force Field Shield[3]

All four major components eventually fall into Song Shuhang’s hand in one way or another.[4]

Convergence of Big Shots

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Not good.

Eye Looking Planet was the first among the three to be captured and thrown into a Small Black Room by the Current Heaven. It was imprisoned in a bottomless dark world.[5]

Due to the effect of Forget Divine Art, its record in All Heavens and Myriad Realms was redacted. No one could remember what it looked like, nor what abilities or special abilities it had.[6]

The followers of the Church of Doomsday went into frenzy, as they can no longer remember the existence of their ‘god’. They vaguely remembered that ‘god’ was once by their side. But now, they have forgotten everything. They forgot their ‘god’, and can’t even remember what he looked like. Many of them left, and more and more of them are lost and have no direction.[7]

Release From Prison

Immortal Feast

Cultivation Chat Group

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

As a Way Item created by the Second Heavenly Way, Eye Looking Planet was subject to Eye Two's wishes and commands.

At the suggestion of Lady Dragon Net, Eye Looking Planet was turned into Cultivation Chat Group's main server for All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[1]

Black Dragon World

Its unknown what happened to it after it went to the Black Dragon World. However its possible it was captured and turned into the world's sun.


Church of Doomsday

The Eye Looking Planet is the patron god of the Church of Doomsday. The members of the church zealously carrying its will.

Song Shuhang

The Eye Looking Planet currently hold the distinction as the one and only Way Item that is hostile to Song Shuhang.

It has launched a few attacks to kill Song Shuhang, but failed to do so.


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