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Eye Two was the first ever Nine Serenities Ruler that came into being.[2] The First Heavenly Way didn’t have its Nine Serenities counterpart.[1]

Name & Aliases

The Second Ruler’s true name isn’t known. He was mainly addressed as ‘Three Eyed Senior’ (三眼前辈; sān yǎn qiánbèi) or ‘Three Eyed Youth Senior’ (三眼少年前辈; sān yǎn shàonián qiánbèi) by Song Shuhang.

Other nicknames are:

  • Three Eyes (三眼; Sān Yǎn);
  • Spooky Eye (眼幽幽; Yǎn Yōuyōu)


After the Second Heavenly Way abdicated, Eye Two resides in the World Beyond the Wooden Door with Eye Ball Steward.

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

The Throne of Wealth Dispersal was created by his counterpart, the Second Heavenly Way. Using the throne, Eye Two needs to gamble against cultivators with great luck. Upon successfully winning 61 games against cultivators with great luck, he will obtain a minor world in the Nine Serenities Realm.


Second Heavenly Way

The Second Heavenly Way was Eye Two’s counterpart.

During the temporary return of the Second Heavenly Way, Eye Two requested that Kui Two to restrain him, else he will attack his own Heavenly Way counterpart.

Song Shuhang

Eye Two was the fourth Nine Serenities Ruler that Song Shuhang encountered and has a friendly attitude towards him. Eye Two also implied to Shuhang that all Nine Serenities Rulers still exist somewhere, having not disappeared as they should be whenever a new ruler was born.

As the new owner of the Throne of Wealth Dispersal, Song Shuhang had four times of gambling opportunities with him, not counting the reward for getting the first place.

Third Nine Serenities Ruler

The third Ruler holds a grudge against the second Ruler, although said grudge was inherited from his Heavenly Way counterpart which holds a grudge against the Second Heavenly Way. Eye Two also dislikes the third Ruler in return, but he doesn't reach the same intensity of hatred.

By the end of the novel, both of them can be said as ‘frenemies’.


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