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Eye of Tyrant Song (霸宋之眼; Bà Sòng zhī Yǎn)

Rise From the Ashes

An Eye of Tyrant Song was used with an Eye of Skylark to create a resurrection item, Rise From the Ashes, by a White Doppelgänger while they were locked in a small black room.[1]

When the Rise From the Ashes suddenly activated while Song Shuhang still alive, it created Song Shuhang’s first doppelgänger, Song Two.


Two of the Eye of Tyrant Songs were used as phylactery for four of the Ruism’s Thirteen Tribulation Immortals; Wenzi, Yanzi, Chizi and Yuzi.[2] The eyes allowed them to stay longer in the present world after their broken resurrection.


Its normal for the Eye of Tyrant Song to be confused with the Coloured-Glass Scholar’s eye since they shared the same special characteristics.

Links and References

  1. Chapter 1328
  2. Phylactery is an object used by a lich to contain its soul and protect it from death, common in fantasy games.
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