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"Fat Ball: ‘From where did you get the eye?’

Song Shuhang: ‘In a dream!’
Fat Ball: ‘Die!’"

Fat Ball and Song Shuhang

Dense Fog Dreamland

There was a path of 3 meters wide in the Dense Fog Dreamland. The path is protected by an invisible wall from surrounding monster beasts. At the end of the path, there was a large door with three drawings.[1]

In the first drawing, there were purple aura everywhere, the wind and thunder occurred simultaneously, and a pair of dragons dancing together.[1]

In the second drawing, there were countless books.[1]

In the third drawing, there is a blue-haired female cultivator’s back.[1]

Inside that gate, it was filled with golden mist. After Fairy Good Fortune started singing, the mist changed into golden liquid and finally turned golden rain drop.

A wilderness world was then revealed, with a shabby pavilion made of bamboo right in the middle of it. The pavilion was worn out, with leakages of the roof, allowing the golden rain drop to fall through.

Inside that bamboo pavilion, there is a bamboo coffin, containing an eye. According to Fairy Good Fortune, the eye was the Holy Man’s own eye.[2]

«Ru Canon»

The was another eye hidden in the «Ru Canon».

Song Shuhang

Watch and learn
Holy Man to Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang was the one who activated the Dense Fog Dreamland after thousands upon thousands of years, due to him practising the authentic «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body».

Usually when he fight against big shots, Shuhang will exchange his own left eye with the Eye of the Holy Man.

Shuhang uses Eye of the Holy Man to cast the «Pregnancy Gaze». And also for differentiating the various elements by labelling it.

However, prolonged and/or extensive use will cause the Eye to overheat. The eye will be immediately removed from the eye socket by Fairy Good Fortune.


In this entire life, only wants to meet you once more
Holy Man to Skylark[2]

During the Battle of Revenge, the eye jumped on its own from Shuhang to Skylark.

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