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Fairy Good Fortune was a direct disciple of the really amazing Ruism’s Holy Man and from was the same generation with the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.


Her true name or Dao Name was unknown. She was referred as ‘Fairy Good Fortune’ due to with Dharma King Good Fortune. Even when some of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals met her, they call her as ‘Little Apprentice Sister’, and didn’t mention her name.




Personality 1

Personality 2

Tyrant Song Chorus

Fairy Good Fortune provides the vocals and plays a pipa she obtained from the Throne of Wealth Dispersal in the Tyrant Song Chorus.

Ru Canon


Holy Man

Thirteen Tribulation Immortals

Song Shuhang

For unknown reason, Song Shuhang can understand Good Fortune’s string of ‘Song The Dumb, Song The Fool, hēi yo yo’ expressive meaning.

Fairy @#%x

Aside from Song Shuhang, perhaps only Fairy @#%x can understand Fairy Good Fortune that string of ‘Song The Dumb, Song The Fool, hēi yo yo’ expressive meaning.

Soft Feather


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